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What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules
During this 7-part program, Robert will guide you through the fundamental insights, skills, and practices you’ll need to reclaim your vitality, creativity, and joy as you dream with the Bear and connect to the healing animal spirits in your body and life.

Each teaching session will build upon the next so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to use your dream images to co-create healing for yourself or dream for another in need of healing.

Module 1: Enter the Cave of the Dreaming Bear

Get ready to go deep at the very start of this course, into a place of healing and regeneration and reconnection with the animal spirits. You’ll discover, or grow stronger, your personal Tree of Vision, and find you can use it as a portal to many worlds.

In a shamanic journey, powered by drumming, you’ll be invited to enter the embrace of the Great Mother Bear and discover what you need in order to heal yourself and help others to heal. You may meet other animal doctors. Our connections with the many animal spirits offer us distinct gifts and wisdom.

Come ready to:

Grow your personal Tree of Vision as a gateway between worlds
Journey to the Cave of the Medicine Bear for immediate healing, guidance, and renewal
Learn from the animal doctors how to follow the natural paths of your energy
Honor the animal spirits in your body and your life
Turn your adventures into stories, art, and creative expression to delight your inner child
Find your voice in a community of creative dreamers who will support your soul odyssey
Module 2: Bring Home Your Beautiful Dreamer

The child in you is the master of dreams and imagination, the Great Imagineer. If we have lost our dreams and have trouble visualizing, it is often because we have lost touch with the beautiful bright dreamer in our soul. She may have gone missing because of soul loss caused by pain or abuse or grief, or withdrawn her energy because she has forgotten to play and isn’t much fun to be around.

In this class, we’ll play games designed to bring back the Magical Child and grow your powers of creative visualization. You’ll also learn how to deal with nightmare terrors, bring juice into any day, and grow creative friendships by sharing dreams and life stories the right way.

In this class, you’ll:

Open the path to the Magical Child (who loves the Bear)
Learn how to step through a picture into another world
Apply the very best prescription for nightmares and scary dreams
Learn dream sharing games and multiple ways of understanding dreams
Master the 9 key ways to help kids (including our own inner child) work with dreams and nightmares
Learn the power of using a personal dream or image as the portal for a voyage of imagination

Module 3: Create Your Living Totem Pole

You’re now invited to make a 7-part shamanic journey through the major centers in your energy body. You’ll find this gives you a remarkable diagnostic picture of the present state of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

You’ll return with an energy map you can use for further journeys of healing and self-understanding. You’ll find your connection with the animal powers comes richly alive and that you develop a fabulous treasury of living symbols. The artist in you will come vividly alive, as well, as you’re invited to create a living totem pole from your adventures.

In this class, you’ll:

Journey through your 7 major chakras to diagnose your current state of physical, emotional, and mental health
Connect more deeply with animal helpers and see where they want to live in your energy body — and how they want you to live
Develop a treasury of living symbols you can use to release the creator in you, connect with spiritual traditions that are calling you, and help to heal yourself and others
Open and find the voice of your heart
Release your inner artist and creator
Module 4: Create Your Own Apothecary Shop, Stocked With Magical Images

The body believes in images. Abundant evidence from medical science and sports psychology demonstrates that the body responds to an image as it might to a physical event — it can even pump out self-generated pharmaceuticals according to where we place our attention.

Any image that belongs to you can be a source of power and healing, even the scary stuff you would rather keep in a locked box. The trick is to learn how to develop your personal imagery so it can help you to get well and stay well. Your body is waiting for you to get good at this.

In this module, you’ll learn how to:

Harness the diagnostic power of dreams
Stock your mental shelves with healing imagery from dreams and life memories
Understand what is going on with recurring dreams
Create a personal dictionary of symbols
Use active imagination and dream reentry to transform scary dreams and disturbing images
Journey back inside a dream to dialogue with a dream character, claim a power for healing, solve a mystery, or continue the adventure as a lucid dreamer
How to incubate a dream of healing or guidance
Module 5: Build Your House of Healing

You’re invited to journey to a place of direct encounter with the sacred guide and healer, as your ancestors did when the arts of dream healing were fully alive — as pilgrims journeyed to the temples of Asklepios from all over the Mediterranean, as Celts journeyed to the shrine of Sequana at the source of the River Seine, as Japanese seekers came to the sanctuaries of Kanon to ask for healing in the sacred night.

We’ll build anew the temples of dream healing with creative imagination, supported by the exact research of dream archaeologists — both scholarly and experiential — into ancient practice that delivered extraordinary results. We’ll review the testimonies and evidence for the successful ancient practice of dream healing in the temples of Asklepios, Sequana, and other patron deities.

In this module, you’ll:

Invoke the sacred guide in the right way
Recognize and celebrate the role of the animal powers in this mode of healing
Perform simple rituals to open our own passage to the sacred guide and healer
Journey to the temple of healing and pass through successive stages of purification and initiation, leading to the invitation to a direct encounter with a divine healer
Bring away with us an inner House of Healing to which we can return any time for renewal and regeneration

Module 6: Two Ravens, Mother Bear & Riding Your Windhorse

You’re a time traveler in your dreams. On any night, you may travel into past, future, or parallel times. As an active dreamer, you can embark on conscious adventures in time travel, to heal the past, make better choices about the possible future, and draw on the gifts and lessons of parallel lives.

In this class, we’ll call on the sight and flying ability of the Two Ravens — Thought and Memory — to see where we need to journey now to accomplish transtemporal healing. You may be called to journey to a younger self in her own Now time and act as the mentor and protector she needs. You may also be called to reclaim a part of your own vital energy and imagination that went missing, and bring it home, within the embrace of Great Mother Bear.

In this module, you’ll:

Claim the power of seership that comes with enlisting the help of the Two Ravens, Thought and Memory
Call on Great Mother Bear to support acts of soul recovery and integration that can make you the healer of your own soul and life
Journey across time to play mentor and helper for a younger self who needs support in her own Now time
Release your Windhorse of spirit and ride it to claim gifts from many parts of your self and soul that have not been fully present in your life
Bring back vital energy and imagination for a juicier, more joyful life!
Module 7: Live Your Bigger Story

We’re all living a story. If we don’t know that, it may be because we are trapped inside the wrong story, one woven from disappointment, self-limitation, and the negative projections of others. We want to allow ourselves the power to step out of the old histories and live a bigger and braver story, one that gives us courage to get through whatever life throws at us. This becomes easier when we awaken to the fact that, as Australian Aborigines say, the big stories are hunting the right people to tell them. The trick is to put ourselves in the places where we are easily found.

In this class, you’ll:

Find your bigger and braver story, a myth to live by
Learn how to tell your stories so well that others will want to hear you
Grow a vision of healing and life possibility so strong that it wants to take root in your body and your world
Bring a story — a healing image, a vision of possibility, a path to the Magical Child or the next world — to someone in need of healing
Entertain the spirits with fresh words …


Robert Moss is the creator of Active Dreaming, an original synthesis of modern dreamwork and shamanism. Born in Australia, he survived three near-death experiences in childhood. He leads popular seminars all over the world, including a 3-year training for teachers of Active Dreaming. A former lecturer in ancient history at the Australian National University, he’s a bestselling novelist, poet, journalist, and independent scholar.


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