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Rodrigo Cavaca – Triangle Masterclass

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Learn how this IBJJF Champion mastered the triangle choke, without long legs or flexibility, using these hidden secrets

The triangle choke is one of the best submissions in BJJ and Professor Cavaca explains how anyone can make it a go-to move.
Now you can surprise everyone with precise and powerful triangles from all positions, with this two-volume set from one of the most detail-oriented fighters of his generation.
IBJJF World Champion Rodrigo Cavaca, one of the greatest technicians of his generation, shows the technique behind his signature attack, the triangle choke.
Instead of relying on your body type, focus on the technique and use Professor Cavaca’s secrets for anyone to unlock the triangle.
Become more dangerous from everywhere
Part 1:


Classic triangle from Closed Guard

Continuation of the Classic Triangle From Closed Guard

Variation of the Triangle From Closed Guard With Overhook

Triangle From Closed Guard Using the Lapel

From Closed Guard To The Triangle From Half Spider

Triangle From Lasso Guard

Double Attack Triangle From Lasso Guard

From The Lasso Sweep To The Triangle

Crab Triangle From Open Guard

Triangle From Half Spider When Opponent Is On The Knees

Triangle From Side Control

Triangle From the Mount

Triangle From the Back

Part 2:

Triangle From Deep Half Guard

Single Leg Defense With Triangle

Side Control Escape With A Triangle

Escaping The Arm Bar With Triangle

Double Attack Omoplata + Triangle

Deep Half Guard/Kimura/Finishing with Triangle

Triangle Against Double under

Triangle Against Double under With Hand With Hand Grip

Heavy Weight Triangle Killer (Triangle From Guard Passing)

Omoplata Sweep Finishing With Triangle

Closing The Triangle To The Opposite Side

Triangle From Waiter Sweep

Triangle From Single Leg X


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Rodrigo Cavaca – Triangle Masterclass