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Roy Harris – Arm Locks Volumes I

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Roy Harris – Arm Locks Volumes I & II


Roy Harris – Arm Locks Volume 1 – Straight Arm Locks

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The tape has an easy to follow structure that has been thoughtfully planned out. From teaching how to apply the armbar, the tape moves through various entries, counters and combinations, finishing with information on how to train the techniques covered!

Roy is an excellent instructor with a clear and methodical teaching manner, performing all the techniques smoothly with consummate skill, covering all the important details. All but one technique is done without the gi.

Mechanics Here Roy identifies 7 tasks that need to be accomplished in order to exert the correct mechanics for the straight armlock. Each task and its purpose is thoroughly explained and demonstrated while each point also appears in text across the top of the screen. The difference in applying a lock with and without good mechanics is also demonstrated. This is very good instruction in the basics of how to actually apply the lock.

Attributes In the words of Roy Harris “attributes fuel your techniques”. This segment lists and explains the attributes he feels are needed in the application of armlocks. These are sensitivity, timing, isometric strength and flexibility.

Control Correct mechanics are not always enough to control a tough opponent. Roy teaches two control positions based on the position of your hips as well as the principle of head control when using the armbar.

Entries Numerous entries to straight armlock variations are show in detail from different positions. Each technique is shown three or four times, sometimes from two separate angles.

A) Guard: 6 straight armlock attacks are demonstrated from the guard according to you opponent’s position. Includes both Juji Gatame and Ude Gatame type locks. Some nice variations here I hadn’t seen before.

B) Mount: 5 armlocks are demonstrated here as counters to your opponent’s movement or as combinations with other attacks. Good instruction in the intricacies of these essential attacks. One technique is demonstrated using a gi.

C) Side Position: The details of 3 effective armbars are then taught from the Side Position.

D) Scarfhold: Roy teaches 2 standard armlocks from Kesa Gatame.

E) Knee On Stomach: Here you learn the correct technique for getting the armbar on the far arm when they try to escape the Knee On Stomach.

Escapes 6 different escapes to the armbar are extensively covered in this portion of the tape. Various methods of guarding the arm are taught in addition to methods of stacking, turnouts, sit ups and rollovers. Key points appear on screen as techniques are performed. There are some very good details on these escapes that don’t appear on any other tape I’ve seen.

Counters 3 escapes into submissions of your own are then shown including a nice rollover in to a reverse Heelhook.

Combinations Roy then takes us through 12 combinations from different positions, mixing armlocks with other submissions and positional moves. This section has lots of good ideas for incorporating straight armlocks into your game, a real bonus!

Drills Included here are 8 drills to develop different attributes for the execution of armlocks. These drills range from repetition of a single technique to submission-counter sparring and could be easily adapted to other techniques. Excellent stuff.



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Roy Harris – Arm Locks Volumes I