Rudy Hunter – Repair & Reclaim Your Past




Rudy Hunter – Repair & Reclaim Your Past

Spoiler Alert:  The past is dead and gone!  Like it or not!
[Best you should get this news from someone who has your best interests at heart as Rudy does!]

However most of us act as if this were not the truth.  Not reality.  Especially when we keep going back to HIGHLY CHARGED MEMORIES which still contains pain, suffering, regret & punishment on the energetic level.  Many of us [Rudy included!] keep navigating back to that piece of tempting cheese in the nasty mousetrap that we KNOW WILL HURT US AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!  It’s nothing short of madness!  We deny to ourselves [and the World] that this event/person/circumstance of the past is over.  We re-visit it again and again AS IF IT WERE IN REAL TIME RIGHT NOW…and we re-suffer all over again.  You already know that relentless suffering causes pain, anxiety, dread, fear and changes your biochemistry to begin producing a toxic environment in your body that is the cause of many conditions you do not want.  Ever.

That re-visiting we do is actually part of our neurological wiring and our energetic construction…but the GREAT NEWS is that the past can be both repaired and reclaimed by you with the help of energetic tools layered and stacked in this workhorse recording.  Rudy Hunter will take you through NEW TOOLS WHICH GO WHERE THE MIND CANNOT TRAVEL to undo the “glitches” and re-wire your nervous system for release & re-order.  All done gently with your active participation as he leads you through these new ways of working.

How do we know they will help?  Rudy has been using these tools with private clients for over three [plus] decades and that’s part of why his private sessions are in such high demand.  Now you can have access to these gentle “un-hookers” to begin to free yourself from the relentless pull of the past.
These tools work beautifully with his PTSD clients and for regular folks who have just had difficult memories, relationships, events & circumstances in their past.  The tools are gentle, gentle, gentle and the release & relief they bring is often life-transforming.

Imagine yourself with no more need to go back to that nasty mousetrap and nibble on the memories that used to pull and taunt you.  Imagine yourself REALLY UNDERSTANDING AND KNOWING that the pull of the past is no more than a memory…with far less meaning than you used to give to it.  Imagine how much more present you can be…and feel…and how you can show up for yourself and others!  The transformation can become radical by leaning in to do this gentle work as Rudy leads you through it.

You will want to use this embedded, active, energetic tool often to free yourself of the clutches of the past.  This work does not change the FACTS of the past.  It transforms YOU AND THE TORTUROUS MEANING/SUFFERING the events have had in your lived life.  It changes you via your nervous system and your energetic system…finally beginning to release the substantial charge you may have been holding on people, relationships, places, events & circumstances which have held you hostage.

It’s quite a claim…and it has been over three decades in the refining by Rudy Hunter.  Private session with him are now hard to come by [$185.00 for a 50 minute private session with an annoying 8+ month waiting list!].  This work is being made available to you now so you can use it to help release yourself from your difficult memories.  Because all the energetic work is embedded on the recording you can use it whenever and wherever you wish to help free yourself into your present lived life more fully.

Here’s to YOU living your present lived life more fully without the terrible suffering of past pain!
Much love,

Repair & Reclaim Your Past – FREE INTRO PLUS EnergyWork Round Included!
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1-This Defines Me/This Doesn’t Define Me
2-It’s Important/It’s Nothing
3-The Mousetrap
4-This Past Story
5-I Am Only That/I Am More Than That
6-Clean Up & Integration Round
7-Special Deletion Bonus Sweep
P.S.  One ASTOUNDING benefit of clearing up your past in this way in your energetic & nervous system is the normal, natural & easy influx of MORE GOOD into your life.
Nature really DOES abhor a vacuum…and cleaning things up in this gentle way
makes room + demand of the Universe to draw in more abundance
on every level–financial, relationships, joy, peace, prosperity and all good.  ​
​Thought you’d like to know that!

Purchase & Download Your Personal Copy Now For Just $77.00

This tool has the potential to free you from the roots of suffering which are linked to your past.
​You’ll find you’ll want to use it often so you can enjoy more freedom in the present moment.
The multiple stacked rounds in this 41 minute recording will have the embedded energetics active and available for your entire lifetime so you can lean into it as much as you like.
​It will always be here to serve you. 



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Rudy Hunter – Repair & Reclaim Your Past