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 RVM Secrets by Sam Bart

Price: $497

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Sam Bart

  • Got My First $10k Wholesale Deal at 22
  • Generated 6 Completely Virtual Deals All From ONE Marketing Strategy (RVM)
  • Never Used Bandit Signs, Direct Mail, Cold Calling, Or PPC… EVER!
  • Left My Soul Killing Full Time Job & Deal Flow Instantly Went WAY Up!
  • Devised a system to never do paperwork, never deal with buyers, never meet with sellers, never talk to title companies

Want to start getting multiple deals per month without the pain or expense of cold calling, bandit signs, or direct mail?

You’re in the right place at the right time.

Sam Bart has ONLY gotten deals from his top secret RVM techniques and softwares — ALL while working 10 hours or less per week to get his first $10,000 check, and beyond.

Now, for the first time ever he’s decided to reveal EVERYTHING he knows about getting real estate wholesale deals with RVM to only a select handful of coaching clients.

You’re Gonna Get:

  • Sam’s RVM Secrets Training (you’ll get all of his softwares for RVM, what lists you should market to, how to grab the BEST lists for the cheapest price, how to skip-trace them for almost FREE (he skip traced 180,000 records for $40), his simplified lead tracking sheet, his contracts, his SUPER EFFECTIVE phone and voicemail scripts & negotiation techniques to get sellers to lower their asking prices for tens of thousands of dollars (he literally got a seller to go from asking $300k to $250k on a call today in a matter of 7 minutes), his best virtual and in person wholesaling tips, and literally EVERY single secret he has for getting smoking hot deals.)
  • 1 Hour of 1-On-1 Video Call Coaching with Sam (This can be in a single day, or 4 weeks, or 8 weeks, or however you want to spread it out. ALL of your questions will be answered and you’ll have the easiest time figuring out what to do and what not to do.)

When you claim your spot today, you get all of the above resources, training, and coaching (TOTAL VALUE = $11,976) for ONLY a one-time payment of $497!!


<p “=””>Investing In RVM Secrets Will Literally Give You An INSTANT ROI From The Money You’ll Save On Getting Seller Phone Numbers…


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RVM Secrets by Sam Bart