S.T.E.A.L.T.H Selling Secrets by David Snyder



S.T.E.A.L.T.H Selling Secrets by David Snyder

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Do you have a business that sells products or services? What if you knew exactly how to sell your services to a prospect in a way that would make them light up like a Christmas tree? You would automatically be able to take a prospect all the way to a customer, using the exact words and phrases that make them eager to buy from you. This powerful selling course will give you the EXACT tools and skillsets that you need to take anything that you have and sell it directly to a new prospect.

In S.T.E.A.L.T.H Selling Secrets, you will discover:

  • The Power Of Frame Control (And How It Can Make Or Break Your Entire Sales)
  • How To Discover The Exact “Hot Buttons” That You Can Press To Make A Prospect Drool At The Mouth For Your Products/Services.
  • How To Understand EXACTLY How Someone Behaves When They Want To Buy Something (And Why That’s So Important For A Sale)
  • How To Create Deep And Powerful Relationships With Prospects And Customers
  • How To Get Your Customers To Love You So Much That They Tell All Of Their Friends About You
  • How To Tap In To The Deepest Side Of A Person And Get Their Agreement For The Sale

When you are ready to create the kind of sales success that you’ve always dreamed of, join S.T.E.A.L.T.H Selling Secrets and see what you are really capable of.



David is the owner of David Snyder NLP and Hypnosis, where he offers NLP and hypnosis training. David is a Master Practitioner and Trainer who develops educational programs designed to raise the skill level of hypnotists around the world. With a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Southern California University of Health Services, he is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on conversational hypnosis and a captivating speaker on mind/body technologies.


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S.T.E.A.L.T.H Selling Secrets by David Snyder