Salad – Effortless Evolution by Jamie Smart



 Salad – Effortless Evolution by Jamie Smart

Salepage : Jamie Smart – Salad – Effortless Evolution

“Effortless Evolution: A New Paradigm for Personal Change”

From Jamie Smart: Dear Fellow Changeworker,

The fact that you’re reading this probably means that you want to make a difference in the world… in your life, and in the lives of others… to live with meaning and purpose… to be true to yourself, and to create a life that really lets your light shine…

Yet I’ve been working with coaches, trainers and heart-centred workers for years, and I’ve discovered certain patterns that stop them from giving their gifts fully…

In fact, I’ve identified “9 Dirty Little Secret Archetypes” that I see showing up again & again for people who have a genuine desire to live an inspiring life. I’d like to tell you what their impact is…

When a person is trapped in one of these 9 Dirty Little Secret Archetypes, it
stops them from…

Being 100% true to yourself and letting your light shine. Authenticity is one of the most powerful “change-agents” there is when it comes to attracting clients and helping them truly transform their lives. Imagine feeling 100% comfortable & inspired as you tell a person or group of people who you are and what you believe. That’s an expression of who you really are, but when you’re trapped by the dirty little secret, it doesn’t seem OK to be you.

Deeply knowing that you have everything that it takes to transform someone’s life, and affect them powerfully on a go-forward basis. I’m talking about people coming up to you you months or even years after you work with them and saying “Working with you changed me forever Have you always realised that life could be this good?” Believe it or not, you have what it takes, but the dirty little secret will tell you otherwise.

Creating a lifestyle that truly supports you in giving your gifts to the world, &
making a real difference in the lives of others. Whether it’s having the freedom to fly round the world, learn from the best, work when & how you want to, or whatever your idea of a beautiful life is… The fact that you can dream it means it’s possible for you, but the dirty little secret will tell you it’s not.

Genuinely living from the kind of deep sense of peace, wellbeing & security you want to share with your clients. Imagine what it’s like to live with bullet-proof resilience, even in the face of circumstances that would terrify other people. This kind of inner security is POWERFULLY ATTRACTIVE, but when you’re trapped by the dirty little secret it seems like it’s nowhere to be found.

Truly knowing that you’ve got what it takes to create your most beautiful life, and help other people to do the same. If you’ve ever dreamt of living fully on purpose, experiencing YOUR idea of success, with the fun, freedom & contribution that makes possible, then you know what I’m talking about. Your most beautiful life is waiting for you, but the dirty little secret will try & stop you from living it.

Fully able to create the material wealth you need to give your gifts to the world, secure in the knowledge that you’re a creator, & your true wealth comes from within you. Imagine receiving a text from your bank telling you about the 4 & 5 figure sums that are being paid to you from delighted clients. Meaningful wealth is your birthright, but the dirty little secret says no.

In just a moment, I’m going to reveal the “9 Dirty Little Secret Archetypes”, but first I’m going to tell you what the dirty little secret is, in a nutshell…

The dirty little secret that most coaches, NLPers, trainers and heart-centred
workers are hiding is….

Yes, they’re getting some results…
Yes, they’re making some progress…
Yes, they feel good some of the time…
But they don’t know how to live a life that inspires THEM!
A life they love…
A life that lights them up…
A life they want to share with others from the depths of their souls…

And if your life doesn’t inspire YOU, how do you expect to inspire the people you’re her to SERVE?

And because the purpose of this programme is specifically for your personal transformation, I want you to know the Three Essentials of the transformations you’re going to be experiencing…

1) Your transformations will be NATURAL. The insights and transformations you’re going to experience are a perfect fit for you and your life. They’re going to be a natural expression of who you are, rather than trying to fit yourself into someone else’s model.

2) Your transformations will be SUSTAINABLE. Because the transformations take no effort to implement, and because they’re such a natural fit for who you are, they’re easily sustainable.
It’s time to wave goodbye to struggle and backsliding.

3) Your transformations will be GENERATIVE. This means that the positive impact of what you’ll be learning will show up in many different aspects of your life, without you having to make it happen.

You see, the things you’re going to be learning aren’t just going to make a big
difference in how you feel about your life…
YES, you’re going to be more confident & comfortable in your own skin…
YES, you’re going to be inspired by your life…
YES, you’re going to discover a rich new source of learning & possibility…

But that’s not all. You see, the things you’re going to be learning are going to start making a difference in every area of your life, leading to…

Better relationships are you ready to start experiencing a richness & depth of connection with the people who really matter to you?

Sense of direction how would you like to really know where you’re going in life,
& feel relaxed at the times you don’t?

Deal with conflict your ability to deal with conflict or avoid it healthily is going
to start increasing right away.

Richer emotional life lots of people have challenges with negative emotions,
but it’s based on a lack of understanding. When you understand, it gets easier &

Trust yourself your ability to trust yourself & be guided by your wisdom & intuition will increase. This is your personal guidance system.

And here’s an aspect of it that I’m SUPER excited about…

You’re also going to get an understanding of how the mind really works. You see, psychology is in the Dark Ages at the moment. Even the leading edge of positive psychology is still failing to make an impact in the world on a grand scale.

But the father of American psychology, William James, once said that if we ever discover the fundamental principles that underpin human psychology, it will be the biggest discovery for humanity since fire!

Well… those fundamental principles have been discovered!!!

By the way, this isn’t just some slick repackaging of something you already know…

I’m not relabeling NLP as NBC, NVQ or NCP then claiming I invented it

I’m not bundling together a bunch of Timeline & Hypnosis techniques and
telling you it’s The Next Big Thing

This isn’t a convoluted set of processes that you’ll recognise from elsewhere

I’m talking about an entirely NEW PARADIGM…

And what do I mean by a new paradigm?

Something that’s going to be as impactful for the world of psychology as the discovery of the laws of thermodynamics was for physics…

Something that’s going to be as meaningful for humanity as the discovery
of germ-theory was for medicine…

Something that’s going to be as transformative for the world of coaching & heart-centred work as the discovery of the laws of aeronautics was for the world of flight…

Like I said at the start, the fact that you’re reading this probably means that you want to make a difference in the world… in your life, and in the lives of others… to live with meaning and purpose… to be true to yourself, and to create a life that really lets your light shine…

Awakened Coaching, Training & Consulting MP3’s

The MP3 audio recordings of my exclusive workshop ‘Awakened Coaching, Training & Consulting’. This was a 3-day event for my inner circle clients and a few special guests.

Interviews with my Inside-Out Masters

Aaron Turner (Double-length Interview) – Aaron describes himself as a one-trick pony, who coaches & consults with senior leadership teams & gets paid top-dollar to do it. He works with organisations ranging from sales, advertising, defence, aerospace, & financial services as well as non-profit organisations. He’s even one of the presenters on the US Army’s Executive Leadership Programme, where he works with Colonels & Two-star Generals. Aaron is one of the people who has been instrumental in my personal transformation over the past few years.

George Pransky – In 1978 George and the late Roger Mills pioneered the principle-based movement that was inspired by Sydney Banks. George was the first clinician, blue-chip business consultant, mediator and relationship coach in this field, & has had a huge impact on me personally.

Keith Blevins (Double-length Interview) – Dr Keith Blevens has the kind of clarity of understanding of how life works that impacts you at a gut level. Here’s how Supercoach Michael Neill describes Keith: “A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to sit down in a room with Dr. Keith Blevens and listen to him share some insights into how the mind works and the nature of the human experience. For nearly two days I argued with him,in my head and on occasion out loud, until it dawned on me with absolute certainty that I was completely wrong and he was absolutely right. My life and work has never been the same, and I am eternally grateful to him for being who he is and doing what he does!”

Mara Gleason – Mara Gleason entered the world of blue-chip consulting at age 25, & by 28 was one of her firm’s top consultants. One of the world’s finest teachers of this understanding, Mara has had a profound impact on me personally, & on countless other people.

Cathy Casey – Cathy is a master of relating to the unknown in a way that creates amazing results for her & the people she’s here to serve. She divides her time between Blue-chip consulting & working with inmates in the USA’s maximum security jails. In fact it was Cathy who recently took me into San Jose Jail to work with gang members on a programme she pioneered.

And Your Trainer Is?

…Jamie Smart, one of the UK ‘s most acclaimed and respected trainers as well as the CEO and Founder of Salad. Jamie has a passion for language, learning and teaching. This is evident in Salads NLP Practitioner and training courses as well as in Salad’s array of world renowned NLP and Hypnosis products, including Ericksonian Hypnosis Cards, NLP Coaching Cards and Irresistible Influence Cards.

Jamie has been taught by some of the best NLP trainers in the world including the founders of NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, as well as highly skilled and innovative trainers such as Robert Dilts, Chris Hall, and Joseph Riggio.


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Salad – Effortless Evolution by Jamie Smart