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Sammy Franco – Rat Pack Multiple Attackers

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In this unique instructional DVD, reality based self-defense expert Sammy Franco shares the science of defeating multiple attackers in the street. No one can dispute the fact that defeating multiple attackers in the street is very dangerous proposition, however it can be accomplished with proper self-defense training.

This action packed instructional DVD teaches you the following skills:

parallel & staggered encroachments
human shield principles
assembly line tactics
strategic footwork skills
the (2) primary anatomical targets in a MAS (multiple attacker situation)
numerous target drills and exercises
the importance of situational awareness
strategic stances & hand positioning for the MAS
stance recognition drills and exercises
the dangers of clinching in a MAS
the dangers of being “anchored”
identifying the “alpha” and “subordinate”
the dangers of ground fighting in a MAS
knife defense skills in a MAS
proximity and defensive reaction time considerations
human shield drills (AKA putty man drill)
lots of realistic role playing scenarios
tactile sensitivity drills, MAS body tackle counter drills
makeshift weapons (examples include striking, distracting, shielding and cutting weapons)
the first strike principle against multiple attackers
first strike techniques against the alpha leader
double strike hits
multiple attacker scenario reenactments with still frame analysis and narration
full contact training drills, tips and suggestions and much more

Warning! Because of the realistic nature of our self defense training, some role playing scenarios featured in this particular DVD contain profane and abusive language



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Sammy Franco – Rat Pack Multiple Attackers