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Sammy Franco, a reality-based self-defense specialist, discusses the science of repelling several attacks on the street in this one-of-a-kind instructional DVD. No one can deny that overcoming many assailants on the street is a perilous undertaking, but it is doable with sufficient self-defense training.

This exciting instructional DVD will teach you the following skills:

Encroachments that are parallel and staggered
concepts of human shielding
assembly-line methods
clever footwork abilities
a MAS’s (2) major anatomical goals (multiple attacker situation)
a plethora of target drills and exercises
the value of situational awareness
MAS stance recognition drills and exercises need strategic postures and hand positioning.
the risks of clinching in a MAS
the risks of being “anchored” determining the “alpha” and “subordinate” the risks of ground warfare in a MAS
Considerations for knife defense skills in a MAS vicinity and defensive response time
Drills with human shields (AKA putty man drill)
a large number of genuine role-playing scenarios
MAS body tackle counter exercises, tactile sensitivity drills
improvised weapons (examples include striking, distracting, shielding and cutting weapons)
the idea of first strike against many attackers first strike strategies against the alpha leader
hits with two strikes
Reenactments of numerous attacker scenarios with still frame analysis and commentary
full-contact training drills, advice and recommendations, and much more

Warning! Because of the realistic nature of our self-defense training, several of the role-playing situations on this DVD involve profanity and harsh language.


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Sammy Franco – Rat Pack Multiple Attackers