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A series from the “Samurai Spirit” cycle takes you on an incredible journey through the world of Martial Arts. Nicholas Pettas (3rd dan Kyokushinkai Karate), the major skeptic, went to visit various Aikido dojo to witness personally the efficiency of this martial art demonstrated by senior masters:

Shodokan Aikido Sensei Ryuichi Omori (6th Dan) (founded by Kenji Tomiki)
Aikido Yoshinkan Tsuneo Ando Sensei (8th Dan) Ryu Yasuhisa Shioda Sensei (8th Dan), son of Gozo Shioda, founder of the Yoshinkan school, is the current leader of Aikido Yoshinkan.

Omori Sensei’s style was also demonstrated to Nicholas Pettas’ Karatek and Mixfighter students.
This film is far from a straightforward, brief, and shallow tale. Hideo Takaoka, the Institute for Movement Research’s director, employed movement analyzers to highlight the dynamics and direction of the participants’ body motions, and he also used his example to describe how aikidoka truly leverages the opponent’s force against himself.

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