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Sang Kim – Ultimate Kicking Drills

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Want to kick higher, faster, stronger? Tired of hundredsof repetitions with little to show for it? Bored with the same oldmartial arts training regimen? Then the Ultimate Kicking Drills videois for you.
You get an hour of kicking drills, techniques, exercisesand tips to put you on the road to measurable, scientific improvement.
With dozens of drills to develop linear, circular, stationary, mobile,spinning, jumping and low kicks, this video is guaranteed to bringvariety and excitement to your kicking practice, no matter what yourstyle.
Drills include: Heavy bag
– shield target
– hand target
– fixed and
– moving target drills
– static and dynamic partner drills
– stretching bar drills
– isometric drills
– plyometric drills
– outdoor training
– power and speed knee pitching
– speed, power and agility running
– timing drills
– multiple target drills
– partner exchanges
– flexibility drills
– weight training
– conditioningexercises essential to awesome kicks plus dozens of informativetraining tips from Master Sang H.


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Sang Kim – Ultimate Kicking Drills