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Savate, also known as French Boxing and whose first
appearance goes back to the XVIII century, is the only combat system
with fist strike and kick techniques that are 100% European. This is a
sport of multiple facets that emphasizes a game of balance, the feint,
and movement to seek out the hole in the adversary’s guard. In this
first instructional video, Fred Rado, ex-champion and pioneer of the
Pancrase in Europe and expert competitor in Savate, Kick-boxing, Judo
and Sambo, shows us the guard position, the fist techniques, the basic
kicks, combined kicks, the parries and blocks, the defensive movements
and competition strategy.


1- Guard position
2-Simple kicks
3-Combined kicks
4-Checks & blocks
5-Defensive movements
6-Competition strategies
Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French



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Savate DVD with Fred Rado