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Scot McKay – The Leading Man

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Join X & Y Communications coach Jim Dalton and I for a hard-hitting video on exactly how to make sure you’ve got a high-quality woman in your life. Both of us know what it means to end up with the wrong woman in our lives, despite doing what we thought were the right things. That 20/20 hindsight is your gain, as we breakdown how to identify great women while weeding out the wrong ones.

The complete relationship management system from X & Y Communications.

AUDIO PROGRAM 1: Core Leadership And Relationship Management Secrets (With Transcript)

AUDIO PROGRAM 2: The Man In Demand: Managing Multiple Long-Term Relationships (With Transcript)

AUDIO PROGRAM 3: Life With The Greatest Woman You’ve Ever Met (With Transcript)

AUDIO PROGRAM 4: Decoding Women (With Quick-Reference Guide)

AUDIO PROGRAM 5: Situational Conversation (With Transcript)

AUDIO PROGRAM 6: Traps Women Set (With Transcript)

AUDIO PROGRAM 7: Crisis Management–When The Chips Are Down (With Transcript)

AUDIO PROGRAM 8: Your Wildest Dreams Made Possible (With Transcript)

AUDIO PROGRAM 9: Conflict Resolution (With Transcript)

BONUS VIDEO: How To Select A High Quality Woman



Scot McKay is the host of the popular Mountain Top Podcast and a 4x Amazon #1 bestselling author.

He burst onto the men’s dating advice scene in 2005 and was selected as a guest for both Doc Love’s radio show and David DeAngelo’s Interviews With Dating Gurus series within a year.

He quickly set himself apart among elite world-class dating experts with a unique character-focused approach, and fourteen years later is widely considered to be one of the most recognized and effective dating coaches on the planet.

Through a combination of “deserving what you want” and decoding the other sex’s thought process, Scot talks about how a masculine, confident man of true character and leadership skill is an authentic representation of the man the most desirable women want, without the need for t


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Scot McKay – The Leading Man

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