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Scott Britton – Udemy 6 Figure Fast Track

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What would you do if you didn’t need a full time paycheck?

Travel? Experiment with new business ideas? Learn new skills?

I think what everyone really wants is the ability to live life on their terms.

There’s a lot of programs on the internet that teach you how to achieve this, but they rarely work for most people because to actually get results they require:

– Technical skills

-A massive pre-established audience or platform

– You to be a sophisticated online marketer

– Spending money on online advertising

Of all the lifestyle business opportunities on the internet, Udemy is the most straightforward way to make meaningful, consistent passive income online without needing any of these things which is why I created this course.

I’ve made over 6 figures on the platform and in this course teach you how to do the exact same thing guiding you through ever single step of the process.

Here is my income from just Udemy from the last 6 Months of last year: $55,650

This is just from the Udemy platform and does not include other channels where I sell the same exact content like webinars, my personal platform, Clickbank and other 3rd party marketplaces.

My results are not typical.

I get an edge by using strategies that less than 1% of people teaching on Udemy know about. This is exactly what I will share with you in this course.

The average instructor only makes $7,000…and my hope is that as a member of this course and community you will do far better than average.

Whether your goal is to use this opportunity to make passive income, grow your brand, or build a platform off the back of Udemy, I want to take the thinking out of creating highly successful Udemy course by sharing with you exactly what works for every step of the process so you don’t get taken off course by any roadblocks or frustrations. 

What You’ll Learn

This course will take you from starting from scratch to launching a profitable course set up to sell itself and build your personal platform.

I’ll be right there with you guiding you each step of the way as well as the community of other members so that there is never a doubt in your mind exactly what you need to do.

Here is how the course is laid out.

Section 1 – The Massive Opportunity On Your Hands

This section will provide you with a clear understanding of how Udemy works and the size of opportunity. This is important for you to understand so that you know exactly how the platform works before making decisions on what to teach and how position yourself.

You’ll learn:

  • How the Udemy marketplace works
  • Udemy’s exspansion plan and what that means for you
  • Details and step-by-step instructions for getting set up on Udemy from my own personal experience.

By the end of section 1 you’ll know exactly how everything works so that you can set yourself up to maximize success.

Section 2 – What Should You Teach?

I’m going to give you an expansive framework to determine what you should teach taking into account your strengths, network, and the competitive landscape on the platform.

Getting this right is critical and can be the difference between a 1,000 a month vs. 10,000 a month. At the end of this section you will have a clear understanding of what to teach and how to turn it into profit.


I’m Scott Britton. I’m currently a software entrepreneur at, a venture backed Saas startup that was named one of the top 100 startups in NYC in 2016. Before this I was a business development executive at SinglePlatform, a company acquired by Constant Contact for 100 million dollars. I also maintain a personal site called Life-LongLearner which publishes content to 20k subscribers weekly on sales and marketing.


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Scott Britton – Udemy 6 Figure Fast Track

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