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I recently obtained this from another torrent site.
I’m posting it here…
I’ve only seen a few videos in this series, but I can tell you that it’s more about understanding the ideas and processes than it is about techniques.
You may utilize this series to learn about joint manipulation, but if you require a lot of techniques, you should go at other MMA/BJJ videos.
MPEG 4 format, 7 videos
We’ve all heard the old adage about giving someone a fish and then teaching them how to fish.
The first provides food for a single day, whereas the second provides food for a lifetime.
This is the goal of Arthrokinetics, the “science of submission fighting” developed by Coach Scott Sonnon. Coach Sonnon teaches the spectator the physiological notions of joint manipulation as a general body of principles throughout the course of this seven-volume video series.
Using them, he hopes that you, like the ROSS team, will be able to “experiment, invent, and design” your own joint locks and submissions during your own sport fighting and martial arts training.


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Scott Sonnon – Anthrokinteics