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Scott Sonnon – Warrior Wellness – Complete Series

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SCOTT SONNON, Distinguished Master of Sports and International Champion in one of the most difficult forms of hand-to-hand combat, Russian Sambo, learnt firsthand by traveling and fighting across the former Soviet Union. Scott was permitted as the first foreigner to cross the Iron Curtain, where he worked with Russian Olympic and military Special Forces trainers to discover their approach to health and fitness. Scott was advised to “Americanize” his Russian training experience following his “Russian studies.” To accomplish this, he assembled a team of sport psychologists, professional strength and conditioning coaches, chiropractors, and stress physiologists, among others, to adapt the best of Russian physical culture training to American sports and fitness for a one-of-a-kind peak performance program tailored to each American rugged individual. The end result is not a collection of “exercises,” but rather a set of instructions designed to enable the individual, regardless of interest, to develop a regimen that will result in:progressively increasing, dynamic ranges of strength, flexibility, and motion (moving your body in ways you might not otherwise imagine possible) Relaxation that is dynamic (i.e., the ability to focus and concentrate while in motion) Performance in a “Flow State” (Go with the Flow!) Coach Sonnon has worked directly with professional sports teams, individual players, and professional trainers, establishing personalized and sport-specific regimens that significantly improve performance while minimizing or eliminating injuries. These health secrets are shared by Coach Sonnon with everyone, not only athletes and military personnel. So he created these enjoyable, low-impact workouts to strengthen all of your joints, giving you confidence and coordination, good muscular tone and flexibility, and an exciting start to the day! Warrior Wellness includes wholesome workout regimens for all ages and the entire family that can be done anywhere, at any time, at home or at work, while watching TV or listening to the radio, with friends or alone!



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Scott Sonnon – Warrior Wellness – Complete Series