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Michael Hall – Secrets of Personal Mastery Complete

 Secrets of Personal Mastery Complete by Michael Hall

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What conceptual states do you have and ‘never leave home without’?
What attitudes do you seem to take everywhere you go?
Do you tend to think optimistically?
Do you tend to see the dark side of things?
When we have recourse to such high level states of mind, we access a ‘place’ or ‘attitude’ that has more influence and more power than just an everyday frame of mind. These states-upon-states, or Meta-states, govern our experience.
So what if you had the ability to alter those Meta-states, and the executive powers that lie at the higher levels of your mind?
Secrets of Personal Mastery enables you to access your executive levels and take charge of your mental-emotional programming. Treating mind as an emergent process of our entire mind-body-emotion system, this book teaches you that it is not so much what you are thinking that controls your destiny and experiences, but how you’re thinking – your frames of reference determine your experience of life.
To achieve your personal mastery, this book guides you through various Thought Experiments that work upon your ‘executive’ mind powers. As you partake in these processes you will enter into the higher management of your own mind at all its levels, and that will prepare you for the ultimate development of excellence – accessing your personal genius. Exploring the structures that now organise and govern the very basis of your life, Secrets of Personal Mastery takes you through a course ‘re-structuring’ that addresses:

* the mind and emotion

* the excellence of expertise

* the tragedy of complacency

* identity and existence

* madness and genius

* language and semantics

* procedures and magic

* the mind-muscle connection

* personal and interpersonal development.

An important release which will interest anyone fascinated by NLP, this book really does deliver the goods on a wide range of topics. Some of the themes explored here include the relationship of mind and emotion, personal and inter-personal development, lanugage and semantics, and the connection between identity and existence –  as well as personal motivation and effectiveness. If that sounds heavy going, it isn’t really – it’s just that you have to know the frames of reference and the sort of expressions that NLP specialists use. If you recall that many of today’s top motivators like Anthony Robbins have been strongly influenced by NLP, this material is impossible to ignore. The sort of ‘mastery’ Dr Hall is considering includes strategies for navigating your life and discovering your higher thoughts and feelings. He also explores sources of personal power and effectiveness, and ways of tapping into what the author calls ‘our highest executive states’. Dr Hall believes that one of the keys to individual success is developing mastery of our higher level intentions and then learning how to direct the positive energy that flows from awareness. That’s the drift of it, but we haven’t revealed the ‘secrets’… This book is well worth exploring.

  1. Michael Hall PhD has authored many groundbreaking works on communication, neuro-linguistics, emotions, and motivation. He is one of the foremost NLP theorists today, and is dedicated to advancing its techniques into new and exciting realms of therapy and personal development. He works as a psychotherapist and trainer in Grand Junction, Colorado.


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Secrets of Personal Mastery Complete by Michael Hall