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Rapidly Remove Unconscious Patterns

Sabotaging Your Success

The path to true success and fulfillment is to focus on what you want, ignore what you don’t, push through whatever fear and resistance you feel, and compensate for whatever shortcomings you have…until you reach the goal…right?


That’s the path to overwhelm, burnout, and ultimately breakdown. But it’s what most people, at least in the Western World, have been conditioned to believe and do.

And that’s why most people either don’t have the life of their dreams, don’t achieve their most important goals, or even when they do get many of the things they thought they needed, they’re still unhappy, sometimes miserably so..

So What’s wrong with this picture?

There’s a Flaw in How We Think We Grow

You see, like nature, we are not meant to just grow ‘up’ but to also grow ‘down’. We’ve been taught to just reach for the stars, the sky’s the limit, just keep looking up… But if a tree grew that way, it would fail to thrive, if it could even grow at all, and fall over at the first wind. Forget about surviving a storm or drought. No way.

Fortunately, nature doesn’t grow that way. It grows down, digging its roots into the dark soil as deeply as it hopes to lift its branches toward the sun. The deeper the roots, the higher the shoots, and the richer the fruits! Nature also understands that the dark, dank soil is not something to avoid. Even though the soil is made from everything that has died before, nature doesn’t turn it into a tomb, but a womb!

Well, the same principle holds true for your growth. The only way to grow to your full potential, bear rich fruits, and be strong enough to withstand all the weather of life, is to learn how to dig your roots deeply into the soil of your soul and turn that dirt into the dynamic power locked inside it.

Here’s a little known secret about real, lasting growth and success…

The darkness is just the light in potential, just as the dirt is life in potential. Learn how to embrace all of your seeming darkness and you will be unstoppable!

SHADOW DANCING is the process for doing that

It is a time-tested, proven system for taking all those parts of yourself, your life experience, and everything and everyone that causes you conflict – and turning it into a storehouse of wisdom, genius, talent, and abundance!

I’ve seen people who had tried everything else to heal or succeed begin to work with their shadows and experience rapid, even miraculous breakthroughs and turnarounds – not in months or years but in weeks, days, even minutes.

Ending the War Within

The key is in the power of ending our internal conflict. When we have unconscious shadows, we are ALWAYS in battle with ourselves – they are sucking our energy, burning us out, making us angry, frustrated, depressed…

These unconscious shadows show up as self-sabotage, causing us to procrastinate, holding us back from taking bold actions, and often breaking out as negative, destructive behavior – making us act like the people we hate most!

Then, because we don’t realize what’s happening, we try harder to hold these parts of us down, fix them, heal them, or just get rid of them. But it doesn’t work. IT WILL NEVER WORK.

They are a part of us. They always will be. The problem isn’t that we have them, it’s that we don’t understand them. We judge them, hate them, fear them, are ashamed of them…and that shows up as most of our troubles.

But when we learn how to listen to them, love them, and integrate their power and wisdom again, they stop being our enemies and become our greatest allies – unlocking many of the powers, talents, and opportunities we had been striving for.

I’m telling you, it can be truly miraculous when these shadows are embraced finally.

And in this step-by-step Home Study program, I show you how to do it, helping you to:

  • End self-sabotage, procrastination, and many other negative habits
  • Get out of overwhelm, burnout, and become unstuck forever
  • Turn every relationship conflict into greater strength and empowerment
  • Reclaim all the energy you’ve been wasting on this inner battle
  • Unlock your natural wealth and abundance that the shadows are blocking
  • Gain the clarity and confidence of purpose being obscured by the shadows
  • Activate the self-worth to ask for what you need, have strong boundaries, and go for what you really want without shame, blame, or apology!
  • Wake up and walk through your day loving ALL OF YOU (can you imagine the power of that? It’s a game-changer!)
  • And so much more… (Really, I’m not just saying that!)


Here’s what you get:

  • The Shadow Dancing 7-Part Self-Study System ($997 Value)
  • Daily Quantum Healing Support for 5-Weeks ($997 Value)
  • Journaling Mastery ($397 Value)
  • Private Shadow Dancing FB group (Priceless)
  • That’s a TOTAL VALUE of $2391… for ONLY $397 or four payments of $119



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