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Shrink Session

Shrink Session

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Are you ready to get dressed every morning, look in the mirror, and totally love how you look?
Are you ready to feel confidence and trust in who you are and what you’re meant to do in the world?
Are you ready to feel a sense of ease and joy in your body and have that  reflect back in your day-to-day life as you watch your dreams unfold?

It’s time to bypass negative self-talk and self-limitation, dive deep into self love and empowerment, and end up with a tighter butt, a lean sexy body, and the fulfillment of your dreams and desires … all while having fun and feeling energized in the process. It may seem like a ridiculous “over the top” promise, but those very same results are possible for you, starting today.

    • Lifetime access to the Shrink Session membership area (all items listed below are available in streaming and/or download version so you can access anytime, anywhere)
    • Four downloadable 45-minute Shrink Session workouts
    • Three downloadable 25-minute Toned in 20 workouts
    • Four downloadable Slow Jam Breakdown videos
    • Nine 5-minute downloadable Feel Good in Five Workouts
    • Four downloadable guided audio meditations
    • Downloadable Worksheets and Mantras
    • Great community support through our members-only Facebook group


    • Lifetime access to the Shrink Session membership area (all items listed below are available in streaming and/or download version so you can access anytime, anywhere)
    • Four 45 minute Shrink Session workouts on DVD
    • Three 25-minute Toned in 20 workouts on DVD
    • Nine 5-minute Feel Good in Five Workouts (Download only)
    • Four Slow Jam Breakdown videos (Download only)
    • Four guided meditations on CD
    • Hardcopy of the Inspiration Workbook and Mantra prompts
    • Great community support through our members-only Facebook group

Why Most Programs Fail

Want to know the illusive secret that most fitness experts and trainers don’t know? The sexiest, most gorgeous, powerful, and lasting results don’t come from how you exercise. They come from how you think.

I wasted years of my life trying to get results from all kinds of hard, painful workouts. Even worse … I spent those years of my life using exercise as a way of punishing myself for not being good enough. Can you relate?

No wonder it’s hard to stick with a fitness program and almost impossible to get any lasting results. Most workouts make you want to tune OUT of your body, tune OUT of your mind, and go numb to avoid the repeating self-criticism of “I’m not good enough.”

It’s tragic that so many of us have felt trapped by this painful way of exercising. I was there too, until a personal crisis forced me to step back and rebuild my whole world from scratch.

ThE Missing Piece to lasting Results

Each SHRINK SESSION is its own “mini-course” in body / mind transformation. Every SHRINK SESSION has three parts:

-a 45 minute workout video
-a guided meditation
-an action sheet with my best coaching practices and tools

They all work together to send a new message to every cell of your body. Exercise increases your brain’s ability to make new brain cells and learn faster. It changes your body chemistry so you feel a stronger sense of ease, confidence, and joy.

Are you ready to upgrade your beliefs about yourself, your life, and all the blessings you deserve?

The benefits really add up:


Declare and express your intentions so they reverberate throughout your life.
IGNITE your power to claim all the goodness that you deserve, starting right now.
CLARIFY your personal vision for life so you can stop procrastinating and start creating.
SCULPT your booty, thighs, tummy and life into the work of art you are meant to be.


Shake loose from limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from your dreams and desires.
LET GO OF DOUBT AND FEAR and make room for new, expansive standards of health and prosperity.
FREE YOURSELF FROM OLD PATTERNS so you can attract and create the new.
WATCH THE POUNDS DISSOLVE as you energize a sense of ease and lightness in your life and your body.

Inspired Action

Build confidence and faith as you take action toward your dreams and goals.
COMMIT TO TAKING ACTION, starting now, despite the fear.
DECLARE YOUR READINESS to rise up, shine, and give everything 100%.
FEEL ENERGIZED all day long as you activate the motion-forward of your dreams unfolding.


Start trusting Life to do its part – you’re not in this alone and you don’t have to do it all yourself.
AFFIRM YOUR WILLINGNESS to be guided by your heart and intuition.
EMBRACE A FULL KNOWING that you are enough…today, right now.
ENJOY PHYSICAL GRACE AND EMPOWERMENT as you love and accept yourself, your life,
and your body as it is today.



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Shrink Session