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Side Back Control by Yuki Nakai

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In Side Back Control, BJJ legend and OG vale tudo fighter Yuki Nakai will guide you through a unique system of attacking and escaping the turtle position, so that you can SURPRISE YOUR TRAINING PARTNERS AND OPPONENTS with seamless transitions, crafty submissions, and escape sequences that will leave the top players in your rearview mirror as you get to even better positions!

Whether you’re attacking or escaping, EVERYONE needs a good plan for dealing with the turtle position. Nakai will instruct you on a number of important concepts to help you become a turtle attacking machine and he’ll even show you how to escape the turtle so you avoid the trouble

Join the commissioner of the Japanese Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation on this incredible series on the art of dominating from the turtle without the use of hooks

Master effective systems like the hara tsutsumi to constantly keep your opponent under control and in danger

How many times have you given up a chance to attack the turtle or the back because you missed your chance to set hooks? This series will give you multiple attacks that don’t need hooks

Learn multiple escape options from the turtle that will get you out of trouble and back on the path to victory

Discover unique submission opportunities using the triangle, the Ezekiel choke and more, that will surprise and confuse your opponents


Yuki Nakai is a retired Japanese mixed martial artist. He currently teaches shoot wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and is the president of the Japanese Confederation of Jiu-Jitsu.


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Side Back Control by Yuki Nakai