Speed Seduction 3-Day Seminar – Jan 2012 (Los Angeles) by Ross Jeffries



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Speed Seduction 3-Day Seminar – Jan 2012 (Los Angeles) by Ross Jeffries

Dear Seduction Master In Training,

Are you ready to sit back, relax, and experience profound personal trance-formation while you learn exactly what it takes to breakthrough with women and get the success you want and deserve in 2012?

Are you ready to get not only the best live learning “bang” for your buck but also incredible pre-seminar preparation, unmatched follow up support and access to RJ, plus every moment of your live event captured for you to review as much as you want, whenever you want, at your own pace?

If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, hang on to your jimmy-hat, because here is what you are going to learn with RJ when he comes to a city near you in 2012:

How To Use Speed Seduction® Commands, Suggestions, And Other Language Structures In Your Own style Of Direct, Indirect Or Natural Game, To Increase Your Same-Day Attraction/Seductions By At Least 500%

How To Demonstrate Emotional Variety With Women Within The First 3 Minutes Of Approaching To Create Unconscious Sexual Attraction

Synethstesia, Symbol Fractionating And Anchoring, As Featured In “The Game”

RJ leading students through a live exercise known as “10-10-10”,
one of many interactive learning experiences at our live seminars!

If you don’t like the idea of wearing a top hat, make-up, and 5 inch heels and acting like a clown to meet women, then you’ll really love learning RJ’s intelligent, easy to learn “Walk Up Wizardry System”, which he’ll demonstrate live with female volunteers.

Here is the smart, workable, systematic stuff you’ll learn like:

How to use games and quizzes to involve her in the seduction, engage her erotic, intense emotions, and set the frame you are screening her
How to use anything in the environment or situation to always know exactly what to say
How to make observations about her that engage her attention and create connection and fascination
How to use non-sequiturs to guarantee 100% conversational deepening.
How to play with an incorporate her answers to build the seduction momentum
Using suggestions to deepen the connection
Involving yourself in her fantasy scenarios with a simple, seemingly innocent question

And Here’s Even More Of What You’ll Learn From The Community’s Master Teacher And Trainer

The art and skill of Showing Up Attractive and achieving Sexual Aggression Mastery
How to achieve “conversational mastery” with six different themes, guaranteed to seduce her
How To Use The Four Seduction Conversation Formats To Stack Suggestions And Create Maximum Receptivity
How To Use The Four Energetic Vibes To Get Top Quality, High Self-Esteem Women As Your Willing, Eager, Super-Turned On Bed Partners
Mastering The Seven Rules For Irresistible Seduction Patterning



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Speed Seduction 3-Day Seminar – Jan 2012 (Los Angeles) by Ross Jeffries