Spiritual Option Homestudy Program by Filip Mihajlovic



 Spiritual Option Homestudy Program by Filip Mihajlovic

Salepage : Filip Mihajlovic – Spiritual Option Homestudy Program

Seven days to Spiritual Effectiveness

Day Seven


Yes. It is a significant amount of work.

But doing it will make all other things about your goal really easy. Achievement of the goal becomes just execution of clear set of simple steps, and you can easily do them.

During Quick Goals workshops, most participants realize that they would have never achieved their goals without doing this work.

Only after doing all these exercises most people realize how difficult it would have been to achieve their goal before they resolved their inner conflicts. After doing all exercises you realize how much better your emotional state and perception of the goal is, and how big your improvements are.                                                The first of the points which are really important to understand is about starting your work on your goal.

Do Spiritual Effectiveness exercises right away.

Most people just read these materials instead of doing exercises. They are storing these materials as “valuable” and wait for the “RIGHT” (always future 🙂 moment when they will be able to “do the exercises properly”.

Don’t make that mistake.

That “RIGHT” moment when everything will be nice in your life, and you will be able to do exercises properly, will NEVER come!

These techniques are not something you should do when “you can do it properly”, or when you “have enough time”. They are something that will CREATE situations in which you will be able to deal with other problematic elements of your life.

Reading about these exercises won’t do you any good. Only doing practical exercises will! Do them the best way you can, but do them right away!               Second important point you should understand is that if you do these exercises regularly, you can’t fail to achieve your goal!

Failure is nothing more than the negative emotion you have because some of your actions didn’t produce the result you expected.

This is how you usually fail.

Some actions fail to produce results you expected, you feel bad about it and you give up your goal.

But you should expect that you won’t get some of your actions right at first. It is natural and expected. All you need to understand here is that this doesn’t have to be failure. It is just another problematic emotional state and you can deal with it with the process from DAY 3 (like you already did). It’s not the real failure, if you don’t give up your goal because of that negative emotion.

You don’t fail when some undesirable outcome happen. You fail when you feel bad because of it, and you give up your goal.

(The Fifth Golden Rule of QUICK GOALS says: “Only way to fail is to quit”. Out of the context it may seem like a cliché, but it’s not. You can find complete explanation of this topic in video number 13 of the Home-Study Video Program, and chapter 13 of Quick Goals Practical Course.

Whenever you don’t feel confident about achievement of your goal any more, that means some new developments happened in material world, and that you need to redo process for resolving inner conflicts (DAY 3).

Like we said in lesson 6, after you have completed that process, ask yourself if your GAE, BCS, and LA need to be changed (and they usually will). When you change those, you will again be confident about achievement, and you will know exactly how to achieve your goal (you will have perfect BCS and LA).               This means that when you notice that you don’t feel totally confident about achievement of your goal you need to do a small version of the whole 7-day course and correct those elements that need modification. Sometimes it will be enough to resolve new emotional conflicts that appeared, but sometimes you will need to modify GAE, BCS and LA again.

When some of your actions don’t produce desired results, you will need to get yourself in good emotional state, and modify plan for achievement of your goal. Some of your actions get you closer to your goal, some fail but allow you to improve your plan, and you keep yourself confident and enthusisatic by doing process from DAY 3.

This being said, we are at the end of this mini-course.

You need to start taking actions from your LA, and make your BCS and GAE come true in material world. (Third Golden Rule of Quick Goals is just “TAKE ACTION” Cliché again, but… 🙂

Why do I share this knowledge for free?

These techniques really work, and if you did practical exercises I sent, you can already see amazing difference in your state after only 7 days.             Many clients ask me how is it possible that I am basing my business on giving away that kind of knowledge for free.

To be completely frank, my motives are practical and maybe even selfish 🙂

I know that once you get great results with techniques from Free Course, you will want to see what “the real thing” is. I know that you will probably want to work on your important goals with the full power Quick Goals. With systematic, step-by step coaching of Home-Study Video Program, or Practical Course.                    I know that you will want “the real deal” for your work on your life goals.

All practitioners who tried Quick Goals (hundreds of them) believe that it is the best goal achievement material on planet today. Without false modesty, I can say that I know they are right.

To see that, just notice how different is your current state from the one you had before doing these exercises, and how much easier is to take positive action and reach your goal now. (That is, of course, if you have done the practical exercises I have sent you 🙂

Before you did these exercises you had a vague and abstract idea about what you want. Now your goal is transformed into totally specific future experience. It’s perfectly fine-tuned and totally attractive to all parts of your being.

Before this course you were sabotaged by your own inner conflicts. Some unconscious parts were working against your goal instead of working for its achievement. Because of that a lot of your energy was wasted in inner struggle, instead of being used for taking actions. Now you are working on your goal as a whole being, with all your parts absolutely engaged in immediate achievement of your goal.

Before, you were not confident about achievement, and now you are completely confidant.

When you complete the process for resolving inner conflicts, you are truly determined and you will confidently bulldoze trough all barriers between you and your goal.

vision of simple set of steps you know will lead you to the achievement of it.

And you have an exact list of steps and actions you need to take, which will lead you to achievement of that perfect goal.

So, start taking these actions. If you don’t take them all this is just an interesting mental game. Don’t leave it like that.

Take action right away and achieve your goal.

Wishing you Success and Prosperity,

Filip Mihajlovic


These free materials are just a small part of the QUICK GOALS system.

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Spiritual Option Homestudy Program by Filip Mihajlovic