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  The Active Investor Blueprint by Steve Nison

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Get The Simple Investing Strategies Anyone Can Use

Discover how to use candles for longer term charting.

Hands-Off Investing Is Not The Answer

If you want to achieve your long-term investing goals, you need to take control. This training event is designed to give you simple yet powerful strategies designed for self-directed investors.

Almost everyone in the world has some kind of a long-term investment account. It’s because we all want to create a nest egg for the future. We want this money to grow steadily over the years until we need it in the future.

There’s just one problem: these long-term accounts aren’t growing the way we expected them to.

That’s Why I’m Giving You Access To This Vital Training

Right now, most long-term investors have no clue how to intelligently manage these long-term investments.

But it’s not your fault.

Wall Street wants us to think we’re not smart enough to manage our own money. So they convince us to turn over our accounts to management firms through 401k plans, mutual funds, and other managed accounts.

On top of that, personal finance magazines and TV shows tell us we can be successful by following their advice.

But they’re all ignoring the most important fact of all…


WARNING: The Old Rules Of Investing Are Dead

When you look at the results, you’ll see that over time hardly any money managers are able to outperform the market. So why are we so surprised when our own accounts don’t grow as much as we hope?

On top of that, it’s important to see that the markets we face now are much more volatile than in the past.

With two big market drops in the past fifteen years, many people have watched their accounts drop in half… then slowly clawed their way back to the starting point… only to see it drop in half again.

No one can expect to systematically grow their investment accounts playing by the old rules of “buy and hold.” It simply doesn’t work anymore.

If you’re serious about playing to win, then you need a new set of rules that will both protect you from these debilitating drops, and help you grow your money beyond what those money managers and financial planners can offer.

Get These Valuable Bonuses To Enhance Your Learning

Fast-Action Bonus: Markets of Your Choice Event

Order before the countdown timer expires to receive a private invitation to an exclusive webcast where Steve will analyze any U.S. markets of your choice – stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and more! – and give you specific longer-term investment setups to use the very next day. Available until midnight tonight. ($179 value)

Bonus 1: Chart Challenges

What is the best way to confirm and solidify about what you learned? By interacting with Steve during the training to answer “chart challenge” questions he will give you. Using real world charts, Steve will ask questions based on a specific chart so you can formulate your own answer based on what you have learned to that point. After you have come up with your own answer, Steve will give you his analysis so you can compare your outcome with his. This is a great way to get you supremely confident that you have correctly learned the most important aspects of the Active Investor Blueprint.

Bonus 2: How to Automatically Find the Best Investments

We devote an entire section to showing you how easy it can be to automate your investing as much as possible with your computer and our popular Nison Candle Scanner software. You’ll see how to quickly find a watch list of the best possible investments, and then get automated alerts to see the best entry and exit points.

Bonus 3: Discover The 3-Line Break Chart

This bonus video shows you how to identify which mutual funds and other investment vehicles have the highest probability long term investment set ups. This is a totally unique method of using these charts with mutual funds. ($199 value)

Bonus 4: New To Charts Training

In this 60 minute video, designed for those new to charts, you will quickly discover how charts will help you take control of your financial life. Learn why the most successful investors and traders use charts. ($99 value)

Take control of your financial life * Make intelligent decisions instead of guessing * Use charts to add confidence to your fundamental analysis * Create reliable cash flow * Avoid spending too much time on analysis * Lower risk * Protect your profits * Decrease market risk * Find high probability set ups


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The Active Investor Blueprint by Steve Nison