Susan Lewis – Wyoming Legal & Ethical Issues for Mental Health Clinicians



Susan Lewis – Wyoming Legal & Ethical Issues for Mental Health Clinicians

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Susan Lewis is a member of the faculty.
6 hours and 5 minutes.
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Copyright: 09/05/2017

Susan Lewis, a psychologist and attorney, will prepare you for litigation concerns that might jeopardize your client, your license, and your practice in this recording. You will discover how to arrange your practice to reduce risk exposure, as well as easy documents, notes, and actions that will protect you in the case of a complaint. Susan will provide you the following take-home resources to help you reduce risk:

HIPAA and Wyoming law and regulatory updates
Strategies for risk management
How to Avoid Litigation Difficulties, Complaints, and Malpractice Claims
Professional relationship best practices, informed consent, and office policies

You will learn via problem-solving dialogues that are similar to the ethical dilemmas you may face in your clinical practice. Susan’s expertise as a lawyer, work in the legal system, and considerable clinical experience combine to make her a hands-on, knowledgable lecturer!


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Outline 37 Pages Available After Purchase

Relationship between a clinician and a patient

Law versus ethics
Components of legally informed consent
The nuts and bolts of workplace policies

Psychotherapy notes versus. records
What to include in a record
Confidentiality constraints

Wyoming case law and the risk to others
Wyoming has a responsibility to alert prospective victims.

The most recent updates you should be aware of

A Practical Risk Management Approach

Consent Elements
Competence and practice scope
Violations/crossings of boundaries
Modern technology problems

Video psychotherapy, texting, cell phones, e-mail
The Dangers of Supervision


Licensing disputes and malpractice suits

Wyoming-specific sculptures
Wyoming regulations and rules
How to Locate Case Law

How to Navigate the Legal System

Attorneys’ Roles
Subpoenas and the release of sensitive information
Interrogatories, depositions, and expert testimony

Minors’ Treatment

Wyoming’s majority age
Treatment consent
Divorce and divorce

Study of Cases

Susan Lewis, Ph.D., J.D., is a member of the faculty. Seminars and items related to: 26

Susan J. Lewis, Ph.D., J.D., is a clinical and forensic psychologist as well as a lawyer. She has over 25 years of professional expertise working with diverse groups such as female sexual offenders detained at a women’s prison, self-injurious persons, forensic patients, and those suffering from severe and chronic mental illness. Dr. Lewis has worked as clinical director, program manager, and supervisor for psychiatric residents and post-doctoral psychologists in addition to clinical practice.

Dr. Lewis currently offers courses on Law and Ethics in Mental Health that are state specific to each state’s legislation. She has also given national presentations on the DSM-5® and differential diagnosis. She taught The Psychology of Criminal Behavior at Harvard Extension School and Northeastern University. She is the author of two books: Legal and Ethical Issues for Mental Health Clinicians: Best Practices for Avoiding Litigation, Complaints, and Malpractice (PPM, 2016) and From Deep Within: A Forensic and Clinical Psychologist’s Journey (PPM, 2017). (2018).

Dr. Lewis, a sought-after expert, advises lawyers on contentious matters such as dangerousness, competency to stand trial, criminal responsibility evaluations, and civil and criminal commitment. She collaborates with attorneys to develop methods for how mental illness may affect legal decision-making. Dr. Lewis has been certified as an expert in nearly every district and superior court in Massachusetts.

Her vast clinical experience qualifies her as a hands-on, competent lecturer. She is interesting and has a great sense of humor, which she adds to her workshops.

Disclosures for Speakers:

Susan Lewis works in private practice. PESI, Inc. pays her a speaking honorarium.

Susan Lewis is a non-financial member of the American Psychological Association.


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Susan Lewis – Wyoming Legal & Ethical Issues for Mental Health Clinicians