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Session 1 (April 15)
Laughing – A Life or Death Matter

“Sure healing laughter works in practice, but does it work in theory?”
– Swami Beyondananda

In this session, we will explore the science behind laughter and health, why it matters to you. Here we will work on creating your daily Laughsitive practices to help you instantly transmute toxic thoughts, feelings and experiences so you don’t take them “poisonally.”

You’ll learn some simple cosmic comic practices to help you:

Circulate the healing energy of laughter (the Laugh Force) to specific parts of your body that need healing
Use laughter to achieve a complete release of all tension, so you can relax, restore, and rejuvenate your body
Allow humor to feed your internal fountain of eternal youth, and shave years off your true age, instantly … hearty laughter keeps you young at heart … and stretches your liver too, and remember those with longer livers, live longer!
Session 2 (April 22)
The Cosmic Joke, the Fool’s Journey and the Meaning of Laugh

This week we will explore the metaphysical elements of comedy, and use it to gain a “God’s eye view” of our lives – from the perspective of laughter and love. We’ll get to see our life path as a journey to “fool-realization,” and use the elements of humor (earth, water, fire and air) to create alchemical (not to mention “all-comical”) balance. In this session we will have fun with:

How to laugh when the joke is on you, and become a “cosmic fool”
Finding YOUR most powerful element, and identifying your humor type
Using the four elements of humor to heal (i.e., restore wholeness)

Session 3 (April 29)
The Art of Self-Facing Laughter

This week we learn how to use humor to liberate yourself from patterns, especially seriousness. Here we will learn to create the “self-facing” humor that dances with your personal shadow while staying “in love.” Some of what we will cover includes:

Understanding the “anatomy” of jokes so they can be truly used as “healing stories.”
The “aha” after the “ha-ha” – how to seed insight in a “harmless” joke
The “Zen Cohen” … finding and using cosmic comic teaching stories
Using humor to bust patterns … and leaving the real you standing taller
Session 4 (May 6)
Levitate Your Relationships

This session focuses on how to use humor to improve communication, initiate and sustain happy, healthy relationships. Here we will learn to:

Continuously infuse your relationships with the joy and levity of laughter
Instantly transmute negative, stressful situations and dramas into humorous, optimistic ones.
When NOT to use humor
Shift toxic relationship patterns without the other person even realizing!

Session 5 (May 13)
Developing Your Sixth Sense of Humor

Laughter floods the body with dopamine, activating all the learning centers in the brain, boosting creativity, productivity, and engagement. In this session we’ll focus on how we can use humor as a gateway to intuition, creativity and wisdom, through exercises designed to:

Help us see funnier, to see our way “out of the box”
Shift the way we view certain challenges, so we can go beyond the typical “fight or flight” response to greater creativity and mastery
Cultivate your own “natural” sense of humor effortlessly
Session 6 (May 20)
Humorize Your Message

Humor, when appropriately used, increases charisma, trust, team spirit, and overall success the business world. In this session, we’ll learn how to appropriately integrate appropriate humor into public presentations, and all aspects of your “message.”

Learn to distinguish between positive and negative humor, and how you can use jokes to build bridges, rather than blowing them up.
Leverage humor appropriately in public speaking, so that you are authentically heard.
How and when to take the conversation from serious to humorous in a professional environment … and how to get back to serious when that is needed

Session 7 (June 3)
Bringing Forth the Comic Within

You don’t have to be a professional comedian to use the magical tools of the comic to bring love, laughter, wisdom and perspective into your life. This week we’ll unleash the comic within, helping discover:

How to connect with playful sub-personalities and alter egos within your own psyche that bring self-love, self-appreciation and self-knowledge.
The first rule of improvisational comedy – serve the scene.
Why the first – and best – joke is always on yourself.
Session 8 (June 10)
Your Laugh Story

Swami says, “Laugh at yourself – and the whole world will laugh at you, too.” In our final session, we’ll learn to change the way we tell our life story so that free ourselves from the chains of our old, oppressive story line and create more freedom in our lives to be anything we want to be. Here we’ll work on:

Finding the natural humor in your life story, and using it to transform your story into a healing one.
Tracing your own “fool’s journey”.
Unleash the transformational power of: “… and then, a funny thing happened…”
By the time we reach the final session, we’ll be be putting together all our learnings from our previous sessions so that you use humor in an authentic, relaxed and inviting way.




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Swami Beyondananda – The Alchemy of Laughter