Tae Kwon Do The Legacy CD-Rom Set


Tae Kwon Do The Legacy CD-Rom Set

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All of the filming for this interactive multimedia training tool was supervised directly by General Choi, Hong Hi himself.
This striking four-CDR set features full motion video of all 24 patterns from 4 different angles in full motion video.
You’ll also hear a 200 word and phrase Korean interpreter and see fascinating interviews with General Choi filmed and photographed in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.
This version, originally reproduced in the Legacy CD-Rom set, has been repackaged for on-screen use.
We have redesigned it with a contemporary interface which features search capability, help screens and an individual print page function.
It contains comprehensive descriptions and detailed photographs showing correct stance, vital spots, hand and foot techniques, training equipment, fundamental exercises, system of sparring and much more.
All 24 ITF patterns are described in detail with photos.
A must-have for the Taekwon-Do practitioner.
Windows compatible.


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Tae Kwon Do The Legacy CD-Rom Set