Tamara Tee – FBA Winners Course 2019



Tamara Tee – FBA Winners Course 2019

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StartWelcome To FBA Winners Course – Private Coaching Facebook Group Access Here! (2:34)

StartForming Your Business Structure – Sole Proprietorship (Individual) or Corporation (Business Entity) (4:05)

Module 1: Setting Up Appropriate Accounts to Sell on Amazon Marketplace

StartChoosing a Professional Business, Storefront And Brand Name For Amazon (4:04)

StartHow to Create a Professional Seller Central Account (5:33)

StartOpening a Seller Account Inquiries- Amazon Help Desk (0:58)

StartInternational Sellers – Applying For a US Based Bank Account & US Credit Cards (6:25)

StartInternational Sellers – Registering For XE Exchange Account To Move Funds Online (4:07)

StartHow to Create an Alibaba Account (1:24)

StartNavigating / Learning How to Use Alibaba For Product Selection (9:21)

Module 2: Communicating With Manufacturers & Suppliers

StartContacting Suppliers The Easiest Way (6:54)

StartFiguring Out How Many Units to Purchase For Your First Order (1:32)

StartNegotiating With Suppliers (Tips & Tricks) To Pay Less! (5:12)

StartContacting Alibaba For Problems & Inquiries – Online Help Desk (1:08)

Module 3: Amazon Product Research – Find Profitable Products to Sell & What NOT To Sell!

StartViewing Product Revenue, Profitability, Expenses, and More (10:58)

StartSimple Product Research Criteria to Find Profitable Products (11:20)

StartIn Depth Product Research Analysis To Find The Winning Product (14:02)

StartReverse ASIN Lookup to Check Product Demand & Steal Competitor Keywords (6:13)

StartFinding Profitable Products To Sell By “Going Down the Rabbit Hole” On Amazon (5:14)

StartChecking For Amazon Restricted Products And How To Get Approval (3:39)

Start(NEW) List of 125 Products NOT To Source – Stay Away!

Start(NEW) Winning Product Verification Check List – Should You Sell It?! (13:14)

Module 4: Identifying Trending Products & Checking For Trademarks / Patents – Stay Away!

StartResearching Product Trends, Prices & Best Seller’s Rank (BSR) (4:33)

StartUsing Google Trends to Verify Trends of Products (1:59)

StartChecking For Trademarks & Patents on United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) (4:06)

Module 5: Universal Product Codes (UPC) Barcodes

StartWhere to Buy a UPC Barcode For Products (2:31)

StartInserting UPC Barcode in Product Listing & Printing FNSKU Barcodes (1:29)

Module 6: Shipping From China to Amazon Fulfillment Centres (FBA Warehouse)

StartUnderstanding Shipping & Delivery Terms (3:49)

StartAir Shipping VS. Sea Shipping – Which is Better For Your Business? (4:25)

StartGetting an Accurate Shipping Quote From Your Freight Forwarder (2:49)

StartOrdering Product Samples the Cheap & Easy Way (3:29)

StartCreating a Shipment Plan in Amazon Seller Central (11:20)

Module 7: Calculating Upfront Capital Costs & Fulfillment Fees

StartCalculating Initial Costs to Start Your Business – How Much Money Do You Need? (4:08)

StartFiguring Out a Healthy Profit Margin To Make Money (3:51)

StartAmazon Fees – Storage, Fulfillment, Refunds, Removal, Referral Fees & More! (2:06)

Module 8: Hiring Freelancers on Upwork / Fiverr

StartHow to Set up Account to Hire Successful Freelancers And Virtual Assistants (4:05)

Module 9: Building Your Product Listing

StartProduct Photography Tips – Get the Best Images to Convert Sales! (6:40)

StartLooking For Best Keywords to Rank Your Product High Above Competitors (5:11)

StartStealing Your Competitors Best Keywords to Include in Your Product Listing (3:29)

StartOptimizing Your Product Listing Secrets (9:38)

StartBuilding Your Product Listing Within Seller Central Step By Step (15:04)

StartPricing Your Product The Right Way – When To Adjust The Price (5:22)

StartChecking if Keywords Are Indexed on Amazon To Maximize Search Results (1:14)

Module 10: BONUS – Amazon Product Reviews & Storefront Feedback

StartHow to Easily Get Your Initial Product Reviews For Product Launch (6:43)

StartWhy You Need Verified Reviews & Not Unverified Reviews (3:34)

StartIncluding An Insert Card With Your Product Packaging For Product Reviews (3:38)

StartStorefront Feedback & Benefits Explained (3:26)

Start(NEW) Setting Up Automated Email Sequences Using Feedbackwhiz – BEST Template (16:51)

StartHow To Remove Negative Product Reviews (5:15)

Start(NEW) How To Include An E-book For Your Product (18:22)

Module 11: Launching Your Product to Page 1

StartHow To Launch Your Product To Page 1 Explained (4:14)

StartRanking Your Products With Specific Keywords Using URL (2:42)

StartTracking Keyword Rank Using the Best Keyword Tracker Tool (3:57)

Module 12: BONUS – Amazon Sponsored Ads – PPC Campaigns (Pay-Per-Click) & How To Launch

StartDifferences Between Automatic & Manual PPC Campaigns – Which Is More Effective (7:43)

StartAdvertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) Explained (2:35)

StartSetting Up Automatic PPC Campaigns (4:16)

StartHow To Analyze Automatic PPC Data & Optimize Campaign (5:44)

StartSetting Up Manual PPC Campaigns – Broad / Phrase / Exact



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