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The Secret Weapon I’ve Kept Locked Away For Myself And My $5,000 Private Mentoring Clients Only

My “Launch Pad” Formula That Will Rocket You To The Top Of Your Niche And Generate A Windfall Of Profits In One Fell Swoop

I am making my most powerful strategy for creating an instant, glowing reputation in your niche available…  generating windfall profits in a few days… funneling potentially 100’s of the hottest leads you’ll ever find into your business in one giant leap… installing a lucrative passive cash flow… all without toiling over your own unique product or spending a penny on advertising!

Try out what I consider the most powerful business building tool in my arsenal – and what top coaches, consultants, authors, and information business owners are using to build a fortune in reputation points, up front profits, and long term cash flows.

And only when you’re satisfied that this is the absolute holy grail for quickly and easily launching your coaching business into the “big leagues” do you have to decide whether or not it’s worth your hard earned money.

Keep reading for full details…

I am inviting YOU to test-drive the most powerful strategy for…

  • creating an instant, glowing reputation in your niche
  • generating windfall profits in a few days
  • funneling potentially hundreds of the hottest leads you’ll ever find into your business in one giant leap
  • installing a lucrative passive cash flow

…all without toiling over your own unique product or spending a penny on advertising!

Try out what I consider the most powerful business building tool in my arsenal – and what top coaches, consultants, authors, and information business owners are using to build a fortune in reputation points, up front profits, and long term cash flows.

Three Reasons Why This Strategy Blows Past Everything Else You’ve Ever Tried At Warp Speed And Is The King Of Creating Incredible Business Success Fast

Nothing will get you expert status in your niche faster or easier than this system. Why spend hundreds of hours writing articles, blog posts, cold calling, networking one person at a time, speaking, or whatever else you happen to do – when in the process of a few days you can become an instant expert in your market’s eyes and leverage your stardom into unheard of profits?

Instead of chasing down clients one at a time, or spending a fortune on advertising (in both time and money)… you can funnel 100’s of the hottest leads you can imagine into your business – leads eager, ready, and willing to benefit from your guidance – in just a few days!

Heard of all the great benefits of having your own product but can’t find the time to create one? OR, have you created one but wish you had more easy sources of passive income to add to your business? With this strategy, you can create a unique, in demand, value packed product that people will scramble to get their hands on… without writing a single word in any e-book or struggling to come up with a presentation. And again, all in just a few days!

Do you want to take the slow way or the fast way? 

For many years, I unknowingly chose the slow way of building my business.

I bought ads, wrote articles, advertised in the search engines. I tried a lot of things, and a lot of them worked. But they worked slowly. And my income was growing just as slow.

It’s a frustrating feeling, isn’t it? To hear about all this success happening around you, and feel like you’re moving at a snails pace towards ever really “making it” for yourself.

I know I spent a lot of nights laying awake wondering if that high level of success really was possible for me. Wondering if maybe I just didn’t have what it took to create the dream lifestyle of several vacations each year, living in a dream house, and feeling secure and cozy in the knowledge that money would not be an issue for my family ever again.

A Glimpse Into The Future Waiting For You At The End Of This Page

Exactly How This System Works, And How Your Financial And Personal Life Are About To Become So Much Richer

Not one word I’m about to share with you is theoretical.

I’ve used this very same system on numerous occasions to generate huge windfalls of $65,000, $106,000, and more… and that was just in the first few days. Over the weeks that followed I converted dozens of new clients and customers because of the huge number of extremely qualified leads I generated in the process.

All this was done by putting a unique twist on a very popular, and extremely powerful concept:

Creating Leverage (And Buckets Of Cash) Through The Power Of Collaboration

You’ve probably heard of joint ventures, strategic alliances, or endorsement deals where you arrange for a noted expert to promote you and your products to their mailing list of customers and subscribers.

This is a very effective strategy, because it allows you to leverage other people’s time and energy (that they spent developing relationships with their clients and subscribers) for your own benefit. Without any up-front costs.

This concept by itself has made many people very rich and successful.

But what I’m about to share with you takes this same concept and straps a high powered rocket to it! Allowing anyone, no matter what their knowledge of marketing is, to quickly and easily…

Create a dozen of these strategic endorsements and connections in one fell swoop

Get other people to create a value rich, high ticket info product for you. Don’t like slaving months over your keyboard to create a product? This approach is for you.

Have instant access to promote this product to 1,000’s of the most targeted, eager buyers in your niche… all without spending a penny on advertising.

And have the ability to sell all your other products and services to this same group of people, month after month.

How I stumbled into what is now consistently my biggest money maker…

My name is Milana Leshinsky, and four years ago I had an idea to invite several experts to present their ideas and strategies to my membership site users at a special “telephone conference event.”

At the time, I didn’t expect to make a lot of money from it. And did it more than anything to help my members in areas I wasn’t particularly knowledgeable in.

Much to my surprise, the event was a big hit. I walked away with a nice bit of money in my pocket, and my membership site users were thrilled about everything they learned.

I was excited about the small success I had with this initial event, and as time went on I began putting together more of them. I mean, who doesn’t like the idea of getting paid for other people to deliver great content (did I mention I didn’t have to pay these people a penny to get them to come speak?).

Breaking Into The “Big Leagues” Without Even Having To Step Up To The Plate

After the first couple times of putting these events together, the potential really started sinking in…

Not only could I basically create an instant information product without having to develop any content myself. Not only could I make a big chunk of cash up front, and for months after the live event by selling the recordings…

But I had the opportunity to become associated with, get endorsed by, and get access to the mailing lists of all the speakers I brought together to do these events. Essentially, I could get access to 1,000’s of the hottest buyers in my niche, via the best possible endorsement anyone could ever ask for!

Once the power I had at my finger tips struck me, I knew I had to start putting together these events on a bigger scale.

Through the “school of hard knocks” I discovered how to get the top names in my industry to speak at my events, how to effectively organize super events with over a dozen speakers, how to charge top dollar for admission, and how to capitalize on all the recognition and publicity the event brought me.

Today, I’m recognized as one of the foremost experts in the coaching and consulting industry. I don’t say this to brag, but to prove an important point: that this very reputation, which has earned me a very good living for many years, is due in large part to the amazing publicity and connections I generated through these telesummits.

Take Your Niche By Storm!

Just imagine, connecting with the top experts in your own and related fields and simultaneously getting theirhighest endorsement of you and your offerings to all their subscribers and customers.

Imagine getting these experts to essentially create a value packed information product for you… that you can quickly and easily turn into a lucrative passive cash machine!

Picture the industry buzz that an event like this will create around you, and the huge reputation points you’ll score by being at the center of the biggest names in your niche.

What would this mean to you?

For me and a handful of other coaches, consultants, and authors who have used this strategy it’s meant…

Having your coaching schedule packed for month’s in advance, and not having to scrape and scrounge for clients or worry about where your next pay check is coming from

Becoming the leader of your niche and leveraging your new found popularity and expert status into exciting money making opportunities you never even realized existed (you’ll be amazed at the collaborations, partnerships, free publicity, and other hidden opportunities that will find you once you’re well known).

Establishing a coaching practice where freedom is the corner stone of your money making foundation, where passive income allows you to step back and focus on what you love instead of grinding by on hourly fees, and where you don’t waste time chasing leads because the leads come to you.

What Makes A Tele-Summit The Best Info-Product You Could Ever Create?

To be clear, a tele-summit is very different from a tele-conference or group coaching.

A tele-summit doesn’t involve putting together an elaborate coaching system like with group coaching. And unlike a tele-conference where it’s completely up to you to deliver a killer presentation, with a tele-summit you don’t have to give a presentation of your own at all if you don’t want to!

With a tele-summit, all you have to do is bring together other speakers to give presentations on topics you’re market is interested in. They do all the work for you, like putting together a value loaded, clear presentation. I’ll even show you how to get them to do all your marketing for you, so you can have a packed summit without spending a penny on advertising!

And with my proven blueprint for rolling out a successful summit, you’ll be able to get the top experts in your industry eager and willing to give a great presentation – without having to pay a penny in speaking fees.

So, what makes a tele-summit the crown jewel of info products?

You don’t have to do any writing. You don’t have to come up with some amazing idea. You don’t even have to present anything. Because you can secure the rights to some of the best content your market has ever seen, and other people will create it for you – oh, and did I mention they’ll do it free of charge?

Not only can you make a boat load of money from the live event, you’ll also have exclusive rights to the recordings of every presentation that you can sell individually or package together – either way, you’ll have a cash machine that you can extract money from month after month, long after the live event has ended.

Having your own info product is one of the best credibility boosters you can add to your arsenal. People automatically recognize you as an expert when they see you are selling your coaching in a book, course, report, or audio. But having a product that brings together already recognized experts, with you as the leader at the center of it all, is a credibility launch pad that will rocket you to the top of your niche almost over night! People will instantly associate you with the big names at your summit, and place you in the same bracket (or even higher since you are the master mind behind the whole event and are connected with not one, but many top experts!).

You don’t need to have a big mailing list to launch it. You don’t need to take $1,000’s out of your nest egg to promote it. And you don’t have to spend months just to make a few sales. With my tele-summit launching system, you’ll discover how to get other people to promote it all for you – and bring in hundreds of participants.

My Proven, Step-By-Step Tele-Summit Blueprint

Now, Get The Plan My Private Inner Circle Clients Paid $5,000 For… And That I’ve Used To Generate Cash Gushing Revenue Streams Year After Year!

My first attempts at organizing a tele-summit resulted in some nice pay checks, but I also had to spend months figuring out what to do, developing marketing materials, learning how to negotiate with speakers, and dealing with problems I never even knew could happen.

Each time I organized one, I came across more pitfalls and hassles that I had to figure out how to overcome. I also honed and sharpened my planning and marketing skills to gradually increase the number of attendees and the quality of the presentations with each new event.

All together, I’ve spent thousands of dollars having marketing materials developed and hundreds of hours learning all the in’s and out’s, all the pit falls, and every big and small ingredient to rolling out a wildly successful summit with huge rewards.

My private inner circle clients who pay me $5,000 are the only one’s I’ve shared all my secrets, strategies, and steps for rolling out a hugely successful summit with… and they’ve benefited tremendously from putting on these types of summits as a result.

And now, for the first time ever, I’m unlocking my “vault” and giving a handful of coaches a chance to learn these secrets for themselves – at a fraction of the price my inner circle clients have happily paid.



Milana is an entrepreneur, business strategist, and a marketing mentor to coaches, authors, and speakers. She is the founder of Simplicity Circle, whose mission is to help entrepreneurs succeed and grow while keeping their business simple.


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