The Art Of Music Editing



The Art Of Music Editing

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Learn the Art of Music Editing

A Step-By-Step Training Course for Filmmakers, Editors and Online Content Creators

Step-by-Step Training

Lessons are designed to teach you music editing skills you can use on any project


Lesson 1: Welcome to The Art of Music Editing

An overview of the course and a bit of information about what you’re going to learn

Lesson 2: How This Course is Organized

A review of the course structure with the various types of lessons, live editing practice and more


Lesson 3: The 4 Main Functions of Music in Film

An in-depth examination of when, where and how music is used in various types of film

Lesson 4: Musical Styles, Genres & Meaning

Discover the many musical genres you’ll be working with and the characteristics of each

Lesson 5: Creating Emotional Tones & States

Explore the dramatic impact music can have on your viewer’s emotions


Lesson 6: How to Find the Right Music

Learn how to conduct quicker and more effective music searches

Lesson 7: How to Analyze & Prep a Music Cue

The step-by-step process of breaking down a music cue and prepare it for editing

Lesson 8: How to Correctly Use Crossfades

How to correctly and creatively use crossfades in your music

Lesson 9: How to Place & Join Music Edits

Learn the rules for making good music edits and how to fix common problems with bad ones


Lesson 10: Spotting for Editors: Where Does the Music Go?

Learn where to add music, where to let your footage play dry and how to figure out the right style and tempo

Lesson 11: Accenting Dramatic Moments with Music

How to manipulate your music to accent the right part of the cut with the right part of the music

Lesson 12: Cutting Loops & Repeating Elements

The focus of this lesson is how to seamlessly lengthen your cue in order to fit your scene

Lesson 13: Adding Variety to Your Music

Now that you’ve mastered loops, we’ll teach you the best ways to keep them from feeling too repetitive

Lesson 14: The Importance of Tones & Drones

Explore how to use these versatile musical elements where understated ambience is needed

Lesson 15: How to Use Tones & Drones With Music

Learn the best ways to weave drones & music together to flow seamlessly through your cut

Lesson 16: How to Start & Stop Music with Ringouts & Reverses

Master these two powerful & fun editing techniques to gain complete control over your music


Lesson 17: Music Mixing & Level Guidelines

Study the general best practices & guidelines to begin your mastery of mixing audio

Lesson 18: Mixing with Keyframes & Rubber Banding

How to use keyframes to gain extremely granular control over your music levels

Lesson 19: Mixing with Edits & Crossfades

Learn about the pro’s and con’s of using this approach, known for it’s speed and versatility

Lesson 20: Mixing with Live Automation Recording

Discover the basic techniques and principles of this method rooted in live mixing with faders

Lesson 21: Mixing with Auto Ducking

Watch our breakdown of this method which attempts to create a much faster mix…but there’s a catch

Lesson 22: Mixing with EQ & Notching

Learn an advanced technique for adding EQ to your music to create the best possible mix


Lesson 23: Introduction & Project Overview

This hands-on workshop will teach you one of the most useful music editing skills you could ever learn

Lesson 24: Cutting the 2:00 Version – Part 1

Use all the techniques you’ve learned in this course to shorten a cue from 3:11 to 2:00

Lesson 25: Cutting the 2:00 Version – Part 2

Take a break and come right back, it’s time to finish up that 2:00 cut!

Lesson 26: Cutting the 1:00 Version

Learn how to remove 50% of a cue while still maintaining a natural-sounding intro, build and climax

Lesson 27: Cutting the 1:00 Version – Part 2

Let’s keep going! Now we’ll wrap up the 1:00 version of our cut

Lesson 28: Cutting the :30 Version – Part 1

How to trim this music to 30 seconds using your entire editing toolkit — this is where things get interesting

Lesson 29: Cutting the :30 Version – Part 2

Grab another cup of coffee…we’ll tackle the rest of this :30 cut together

Lesson 30: Cutting the :15 Version – Part 1

15 seconds is pretty short — learn how to get in and out of a cue in a fast and elegant way

Lesson 31: Cutting the :15 Version – Part 2

You’re not done yet – walk through the end of this :15 cut-down with us

Lesson 32: Cutting the :05 Version

Learn the impossible, cutting a 3:11 cue to only 5 seconds…perfect for online ads and short promos


Lesson 33: Project Overview

An overview of this editing workshop and the project we’ll be cutting

Lesson 34: Setting Up the Project

Follow along as we set up the project and get our materials imported

Lesson 35: Creating Your Music Roadmap

Create a music roadmap for the footage with macro and micro spotting techniques

Lesson 36: Gathering & Organizing Your Music

Let’s find, gather and organize the music we need based on our spotting process

Lesson 37: Laying Out A Rough Music Pass – Part 1

It’s time to edit! Watch as we paint with music to see how things flow

Lesson 38: Laying Out a Rough Music Pass – Part 2

Work together with us to finish up this part of the scene

Lesson 39: Going Beyond the Rough Cut

Now that we’ve got a strong foundation, we’ll be walking you through our next steps…

Lesson 40: Scoring the Intro Sequence

Edit along as we fine-tune the intro of this short sequence

Lesson 41: Scoring the City Sequence

Watch our process as we continue working with music in the city sequence

Lesson 42: Scoring the Bar Scene – Part 1

Learn how to mix score and source music to ebb and flow in a cut

Lesson 43: Scoring the Bar Scene – Part 2

This isn’t the final mix, but we’ll work on fine-tuning that source cue to match the atmosphere

Lesson 44: Scoring the Apartment Scene – Part 1

Watch us try out a bunch of cool tricks to create a unique music bed

Lesson 45: Scoring the Apartment Scene – Part 2

Find out how we shift and manipulate our cues to make a musical theme

Lesson 46: Scoring the Finale

Let’s dive in and see how we can craft the perfect musical climax

Lesson 47: Creating the Final Mix

Mix your work with us as we polish this music bed to perfection

Lesson 48: Reviewing the Final Cut

It’s time to review our work and analyze how effective we were at creating this custom score


Lesson 49: Reviewing Key Lessons Learned

A quick review of key lessons learned in the course

Lesson 50: Your Next Steps

Suggestions for taking your music editing skills even further


Lesson 51: Pro Edit Demo – Spotting

Join us as we prepare to re-score a scene from a Hollywood movie using brand-new music

Lesson 52: Pro Edit Demo – Cutting Accents

See a real-world example of how to align specific parts of the music with key moments in the cut

Lesson 53: Pro Edit Demo – Cutting Loops

Follow along as we fix gaps in the score by using what we know about loops and repeating elements

Lesson 54: Pro Edit Demo – Adding Variety

Watch an in-depth demonstration as we add variety to our music using techniques learned in the course

Lesson 55: Pro Edit Demo – Mixing

View the actual process we use to level-shape a cut and carve out dialogue from music

Lesson 56: Edit Demo – Drones

Follow along step-by-step as we edit tones and drones to amplify the emotion in our Hollywood scene

Lesson 57: Edit Demo – Editor vs Composer

Compare our final cut with the original scene from the film and see how we did!


Lesson 58: Pro Workshop – Project Overview and Introduction to Stems

In this workshop, we’re challenging ourselves to score a short film from start to finish utilizing only 2 music cues with stems

Lesson 59: Pro Workshop – Setting Up & Organizing the Project

You’ll learn what stems are, why they’re so useful & the best ways of preparing to work with them in your cut

Lesson 60: Pro Workshop – Scoring Duncan’s Death Scene, Part 1

We check out the opening scene, do a little spotting & start laying down some tracks to figure out the tone and tempo

Lesson 61: Pro Workshop – Scoring Duncan’s Death Scene, Part 2

As the scene progresses, we begin to roughly line things up & add a few accents to important moments

Lesson 62: Pro Workshop – Scoring Duncan’s Death Scene, Part 3

Here we work with keyframes & hits to figure out how to transition in & out of the title card

Lesson 63: Pro Workshop – Scoring the Love Theme, Part 1

The film changes pace so we test some interesting new stem options to align with the mood

Lesson 64: Pro Workshop – Scoring the Love Theme, Part 2

Watch as we utilize our handy reverses & a few other editing tricks to finish scoring this section

Lesson 65: Pro Workshop – Scoring James’ Tense Moment, Part 1

We mix & match tones and drones from different stems to echo the theme we created at the beginning of the cut

Lesson 66: Pro Workshop – Scoring James’ Tense Moment, Part 2

Continue to build the tension of this scene by isolating parts of the stems & doing a little keyframing

Lesson 67: Pro Workshop – Scoring James’ Tense Moment, Part 3

At the climax of this moment watch as we start stacking our stems & really dig in to customizing the score

Lesson 68: Pro Workshop – Scoring the Finale Sequence, Part 1

In this scene we work our way around a pivotal conversation by modifying the tempo

Lesson 69: Pro Workshop – Scoring the Finale Sequence, Part 2

Needing a new character theme, we try some time compression to highlight a pivotal moment

Lesson 70: Pro Workshop – Scoring the Finale Sequence, Part 3

Nearing the end of the film we figure out a way to change the emotion & resolve into the credits

Lesson 71: Pro Workshop: Reviewing the Final Cut

Let’s watch the result of all our hard work & see what we’ve accomplished using only two pieces of music!

The BIG benefits of learning online…

No set schedule – learn at your own pace.

24/7 access to instructors. Our team is always available to help you.

Use any editing software you like to complete the course.

No need to travel. Especially valuable if you live in another country or remote location.

Learn in your pajamas! Enjoy the comfort of working from home or anywhere you like.

Beginner to advanced training – everything you could ever want to learn about music.

Lower cost and no student loans!

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn in “The Art of Music Editing”…

  • The four essential functions of music that will guide you in knowing where, when, and how to use it.
  • Discover 18 musical moods and genres and how to leverage them for maximum emotional impact.
  • How to conduct quicker and more effective music searches with proven methods used by elite editors.
  • A step-by-step system for breaking down a music cue to prepare it for editing.
  • 3 critical but straightforward rules for making good music edits and avoiding bad ones.
  • Spot music by learning where to add it, when to add it and when to leave your footage dry.
  • Make your projects sing by learning how to accent dramatic moments with music.
  • Learn how to smoothly cut loops and repeat elements and never have a music cue be too short again.
  • Conquer boring cuts by discovering ways to add variety and texture to any music cue.
  • Discover the hidden power of tones and drones and learn the best ways to weave them seamlessly into your music.
  • 4 Hollywood tricks for starting and stopping your music with ringouts and reverses.
  • Learn mixing best practices and bulletproof techniques for real-world editing scenarios.
  • Deep dives into advanced mixing techniques like rubber banding, crossfades, live automation, and auto ducking.
  • Shortcuts and productivity hacks for maximizing mixing speed for any style of editing.
  • The power-user technique of working with EQ to lend additional muscle to your mixes.
  • How to cut music to fit any space…from two minutes long to five seconds short.
  • How to retain natural-sounding intros, builds, and outros in your custom-edited music cues.
  • Hands-on music editing workshops where you’ll set up, organize, and gather your own music and score a variety of scenes.
  • In-depth demonstration of re-scoring a scene from a Hollywood movie using brand new music.
  • Efficient strategies to level shape music while carving out dialogue.
  • The magic of editing with music stems to create dramatic progressions in your cue.
  • In-depth breakdowns of the psychology and emotions that make music in your pieces so powerful.
  • Proven long-range game plans for taking your music editing skills further even after the course ends.
  • Discover quick methods to create everything from bold musical flourishes to understated ambiance in your score.



With The Art of Music Editing STANDARD, you get the complete Art of Music Editing course — including all 50+ HD video tutorials. Then, follow along with us in the Edit Lab where you’ll learn how to cut music to fit any space.

Finally, in the Guided Music Editing Workshop you’ll use all the new skills you learned in the course to practice scoring a short film.

Join Today & Get

  • The Full Art of Music Editing course
  • The Guided Music Editing Workshop
  • 1080p HD Source Footage
  • 500-Piece Music Library
  • 41 Printable Quick Reference Guides
  • Edit Lab: Cut Music to Fit Any Space



Choose the Art of Music Editing Pro if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck. This is our most popular version of the course — and it’s filled with a TON of extra stuff.

We’ve included the 70+ minute PRO Music Scoring Demo where you can see all the tricks we used to re-score a scene from a Hollywood film utilizing only library music.

Then, you’ll be getting a SECOND 14-lesson workshop with over 3 hours of additional content teaching you the valuable art of editing instrumental stems. With this extra workshop comes a second short film to score along with us PLUS a 250-piece music stems collection to play with.

Join Today & Get

Everything in the STANDARD version…

  • The Full Art of Music Editing course
  • The Guided Music Editing Workshop
  • 1080p HD Source Footage
  • 500-Piece Music Library
  • 41 Printable Quick Reference Guides
  • Edit Lab: Cut Music to Fit Any Space



Choose The Art of Music Editing ULTIMATE if you’re looking for the most comprehensive music editing experience. This package is our highest level of training, but it’s not for everyone.

The ULTIMATE package includes the “Professional Music Edit Review Package”. You’ll be submitting your cuts for a serious critique from our editing team with specific, written notes on how to improve them. Just keep in mind, we’re going to be brutally honest.

If you’re looking to use what you’ve done in this course on your demo reel, it absolutely needs to be polished to perfection through direct professional guidance. Then, you might consider this package.

Join Today & Get

Everything in the STANDARD & PRO versions…

  • The Full Art of Music Editing course
  • The Guided Music Editing Workshop
  • 1080p Workshop Practice Footage
  • 500-Piece Music Library
  • 41 Printable Quick Reference Guides
  • Edit Lab: Cut Music to Fit Any Space
  • 70+ Min Pro Music Scoring Demo
  • Extra Pro Workshop: Editing with Stems
  • Additional 1080p Pro Practice Footage
  • 250-Piece Music Stems Collection




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