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Lawrence Bernstein – The BIG Idea Health Swipes

The BIG Idea Health Swipes by Lawrence Bernstein

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And turn your computer into a “SWIPE DRIVE” of GIANT alternative-health mailbox controls

• THOUSANDS of instantly searchable keywords and phrases in alt-health

• Saves COUNTLESS hours on research and copy creation

Hands you the world class direct mail knowledge
that’d take years and cost THOUSANDS to acquire

From: Lawrence Bernstein
Jasper, Alberta (21° C)
Friday 8:36 pm

Dear Copywriting Friend,

How much easier would writing copy be with an endless stream of money-making ideas from control package copy… right at your fingertips?

Start by imagining the following:

  • Imagine short-cutting your way to sales letters that sell in virtually any health niche.
  • Imagine instantly turning up relevant ad copy from mail order’s top copywriters for any health promotion you’re working on.
  • Imagine holding the road maps for selling everything from alt-health newsletters… to supplements… and everything in between.
  • Imagine eliminating the roadblocks that plague even the best and ablest health copywriters.
  • Imagine demolishing deadlines with the copywriting speed of instantly searchable controls… just a mouse click away.
  • Imagine doubling… or tripling the number of members at your membership sites… with the power of proven direct mail copy and marketing.
  • Imagine boosting your response rates… bumping your stick rates… and smashing control packages.
  • Imagine having a vast midnight resource that gets the copy flowing… lifts response… makes your clients giddy… and keeps the projects coming.



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The BIG Idea Health Swipes by Lawrence Bernstein