The Emergence Process – 8 Weeks to Shift from Ego to Essence



The Emergence Process – 8 Weeks to Shift from Ego to Essence

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The Emergence Process is described in Barbara’s inspiring book, Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence, which is recommended reading for anyone taking this course. We will also be including practice around the codes from Barbara’s book, 52 Codes.

Week 1: Entering the Inner Sanctuary and Contemplating the Glory of Your Essential Self (May 14)

In Week 1, you will cover Emergence Process Steps 1 and 2:

  • Begin to leave behind the concerns and pressures of daily life by creating an inner sanctuary
  • Discover the deep connection you have with your Essential Self
  • Be guided to strengthen your relationship with your own Inner Guide by asking questions of and receiving answers from your Essential Self
  • Identify and integrate the specific qualities of your essence that you most love: joy, peace, security, love, wholeness, wisdom
  • Experience the divine within, the Beloved, the inner voice and guide by taking charge of your attention, which is vital to your emergence

“Infancy! This is the time when the newly born Universal Human emerges from the womb of self-centered consciousness and we begin to realize our new identity as our own higher Essential Self. We break out of the limits of our egoic identity and, in innocence and humility, make room for something new.”

Week 2: Inviting the Beloved to Incarnate and Take Dominion (May 21)

In Week 2, you will cover Emergence Process Steps 3 and 4:

  • Declare your heart’s desire for union with the Beloved
  • Feel as if the Essential Self is incarnating, entering your body/mind and transforming it
  • Lift the local self into a higher frequency vibration
  • Feel a new freedom from anxiety, pressure and compulsions
  • Invite the Beloved to take dominion and learn how to “put this purpose first”
  • Lift the local selves into a higher frequency vibration by loving your own local selves and dissolving the sense of separation between ego and essence
  • Feel a new freedom from anxiety, pressure and compulsions

“Our Infancy is maturing. We, as emerging Universal Humans, leave behind our former self-consciousness and become aware of our Essential Self much of the time… At this stage the local egoic personality self becomes so enchanted with the experience of its Essential Self that it freely, voluntarily, even joyfully, chooses to surrender its dominance. It invites the beloved Essential Self to enter in the whole way. We gain a feeling of peace and joy as the local selves relax their fears and let go of their efforts to control.”

Week 3: The Bliss of Union with the Human and the Divine (June 4)

In Week 3, you will cover Emergence Process Step 5:

  • Form a deeper chamber within your inner sanctuary, the “rose chamber of union of the human and divine”
  • Experience the Essential Self as a radiant presence, glowing and emanating light
  • Invite the local selves into the rose chamber, where they can merge with the light
  • Experience your local selves becoming facets of your Essential Self rather than fragmented negative aspects of your personality
  • Be guided by the Compass of Joy
  • Learn to be in resonance with others, affirming the highest in one another
  • Transmit bliss and fall in love with others at the essence level

“In this stage, for the first time, the Beloved takes the initiative and invites the local selves to come up into it. They enter a chamber of the heart and there in the field of love, experience the Bliss of Union of the Human and Divine.”

Week 4: Shifting Your Identity (June 11)

In Week 4, you will cover Emergence Process Step 6:

  • Shift your identity to embody your Essential Self
  • Recognize you are the guide who’s been guiding; the voice you’ve been hearing; the Beloved you have loved
  • Begin to speak and write as the voice of your Essential Self
  • Experience an “inner smile” and practice “initiatory love”
  • Practice powerful affirmations, such as I AM love; I AM wisdom; I AM power; I AM the Beloved and feel your presence substantiating as them
  • Move from witness consciousness to causal consciousness and cultivate greater receptivity to the larger design

“At this point in its development, the infant becomes a child. A new identity emerges, born out of the fusion of the Beloved and the local selves. In Childhood we come together as our integrated selves, as the Essential Self expressing through its personality self.”

Week 5: Transferring Authority (June 18)

In Week 5, you will cover Emergence Process Step 7:

  • Examine your attitude toward authority in your life and develop your own authentic power
  • Transfer authority and responsibility to your Essential Self
  • Deepen your capacity to speak with and heal the wounds of your local selves
  • Re-parent yourself by evolving and maturing your internalized mother and father and strengthen the inner masculine and feminine aspects of your being
  • Become a loving parent to yourself and forgive your own unskillful behavior as you do that of a child

“In this stage, we learn that the nurturing parental authority is within us, as our essential divine essence. Now, as the process of incarnating continues, the Essential Self becomes proactive and is willing to be the genuine authority within the household of local selves. Our local selves become willing disciples of the Essential Self within.”

Week 6: Educating Your Local Selves (June 25)

In Week 6, you will cover Emergence Process Step 8:

  • Create an expanded Inner Sanctuary and enter a “Sunlit Garden of Co-Creation”
  • Develop the practice of creating “heaven within” yourself
  • Learn the process through which the ego becomes the guide to essence; trust in the guidance of your new fused identity as ego/essence
  • Stop trying to figure out or solve anything and experience the problems of your local self being dissolved, not solved
  • Move from local, linear time to non-local, non-linear time, the pure awareness of the present
  • Experience self-evolution through self-elevation

“True Essential Self education begins when we are no longer looking outward to external powers but are experiencing the Bliss of Union, the Shift of Identity and the Transfer of Authority as an on-going, ever deepening process. We are no longer victims. There is no one to blame. We become co-creators of our own reality.”

Week 7: The Repatterning of Life and Creating the New (July 2)

In Week 7, you will cover Emergence Process Step 9:

  • Take a moral inventory, asking, “What do I not want to have happening in my life any more?”
  • Allow your life to repattern
  • Experience ease of effort replacing overwhelm and discover greater flow in your work and life, seamlessly blending being and doing
  • Realize you are fully “response-able.” You can respond to every need that arises as your Essential Self
  • Presence your own Essence as your true nature

“As young universal humans, we gradually come into greater Essential Self confidence, deeper trust of our inner knowing, a new way of relating to one another. There is a coincidental relationship between inner integration and outer manifestation. We see clear demonstrations that the inner creates the outer, that intention manifests, that our consciousness is causal in the events, relationships, projects and visions of our lives.”

Week 8: Fulfilling the Promise (July 9)

In Week 8, you will cover Emergence Process Step 10:

  • Nurture your “vocational arousal” as the expression of the unique impulse of evolution within you
  • Attune and become cocreative with others by fostering resonance with those you love and work with
  • Align with the deeper patterns that are creating all of existence and yourself
  • Move toward becoming a Universal Human evolving as an expression of the magnificent, organizing universal intelligence; realize that the “force of creation” is with you as you

“We are crossing the threshold from our Childhood into the vast and as-yet-uncharted realm of our Youth as Universal Humans. We are undergoing a new rite of passage, yet to be fully acknowledged in this world. At last, we arrive in the developmental path at a very early phase of Youth, ready now to come into form in the evolution of our selves and our world We celebrate within us the shift from the creature human to the cocreator.”

Bonus Audio #1: Opening to the Deeper Revelations of Your Own Emergence
Dr. Michael Beckwith and Barbara Marx Hubbard

Dr. Michael Beckwith says, “Vision without action is fantasy. Action without vision is chaos.”

In this powerful bonus session, you’ll hear this dynamic duo share how you can move the inner revelations of your vision into outward action, as well as how you move from personal emergence into societal emergence.

Dr. Michael Beckwith’s life is a living testament to building spiritual community. Gifted with a vision of a trans-denominational spiritual community based in the new thought-ancient wisdom traditions, in 1986 he founded the Agape International Spiritual Center where thousands gather weekly to receive inspiration from Dr. Beckwith in Culver City, California.

Dr. Beckwith participates on international panels with other peacemakers and spiritual leaders. He is co-founder of the Association for Global Thought, an organization dedicated to planetary healing and transformation; has received numerous humanitarian awards; and has written several books including: Inspirations of the Heart, Forty Day Mind Fast Soul Feast, and A Manifesto of Peace. He is one of the most prominent spiritual leaders in America, inspiring transformation in millions of people.

Bonus Audio #2: Waking Up to Your Most Authentic Evolutionary Self
Andrew Cohen and Barbara Marx Hubbard

Andrew Cohen is an internationally respected spiritual teacher, cultural visionary, and founder of the global nonprofit EnlightenNext and its award-winning publication EnlightenNext magazine. He is known for bringing the timeless depth of enlightened wisdom into the 21st century-calling not for transcendence of worldly attachment, or even for compassionate care and service, but for a deep and heroic responsibility for the evolution of the world.

Andrew and Barbara will engage in a deep dialogue on how you can actually become a genuine agent of conscious evolution at this most critical time in our culture, when the whole system is both breaking down and breaking through.

Drawing from his forthcoming book Evolutionary Enlightenment, Andrew will share the nature of the Impulse of Evolution, the “Inner Big Bang,” the prime motivating force within you, for self and social evolution. His message is simple, yet profound: Life is evolution, and enlightenment is about waking up to this fundamentally creative impulse as your own deepest, most authentic self.


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The Emergence Process – 8 Weeks to Shift from Ego to Essence