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Andrew Harvey’s Engoldenment Course

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Allow yourself to be renewed at this crossroads and be receptive to the beauty of your inner nature.

Have you been wondering in recent weeks if there is a deeper purpose behind the worldwide health crisis that we are all experiencing?

It’s become indisputably evident that fundamental healing is desperately needed, both on a personal and global scale.

Many of our history’s great mystical traditions have been preparing us for this time of global disaster, knowing that it would come, and have provided us with every practice and skill we require…

… to weather the storm while simultaneously learning from it and transmuting it into a more enlightened state of being – both personally and socially.

Many of us are feeling an urgent need to dig deep and acquire the ability of keeping calm and balanced in the face of adversity…

As terrifying as this period is, it also offers incredible possibility for rebirth, just as great spiritual philosophers throughout history prophesied.

We CAN come out of this fundamentally changed – with a higher level of consciousness and better access to compassion, generosity, love, inner peace, and a desire to serve mankind.

It’s time to get crystal clear about what’s at risk in this moment – our very humanity and the health of our planet — and commit to timeless spiritual practices with a fervor that hasn’t been demanded of us before.

Now is the moment to undertake our internal work and go deep into our inner well to find what is preventing us from being the most spectacular versions of ourselves.

This is the time.

In this profoundly transforming 12-week journey led by globally acclaimed scholar, mystic, and author Andrew Harvey, you’ll learn how to completely commit to and rely on the power of sacred practice — with an intensity you’ve never imagined — to help achieve this desperately needed rebirth…

Andrew will take you through a dramatic transfiguration process through 9 significant courses and 3 integration sessions.

Transfiguration is more than a shift in awareness; it is the death of the false self and egoic illusions, allowing us to emerge as creatures of divine light… mind, body, and soul.

When the death of the false self draws you into the unknown, something new is formed within you… a holy identity.

This technique will assist you in shedding your illusions and embodying the brilliance of an awakened existence.

You’ll learn during this personal, adventurous, and wonderfully gratifying journey:
The great mystical traditions imparted timeless spiritual practices with us many years ago to prepare us for this particular point in time.
The direct experiences of those who have been deeply immersed in their transfiguration processes – for example, many people describe the body becoming its own vast world.
What you may learn from recent astrophysics findings — and how to use this knowledge to your own transfiguration path
Why are your cerebral and emotional brains attempting to keep you secure but also hindering your spiritual journey?
Why can’t transfiguration happen unless you realize the holiness of your core essence – the deathless self?
Why your sensory mind is in charge of your various physiological reactions to the environment around you, which are influenced by habits, media, education, and other factors.
The mesmerizing power of your physical mind… and why it is the most difficult layer of the body to transform
Your defeatist memory in your physical mind, which can frequently leave you feeling lost or imprisoned
How to descend into the depths of your physical mind to experience darkness — and then find your own way out.
How to spiritually prepare for what lies ahead — both for yourself as an individual and for humanity and our larger world.
You have the ability to transform the darkness into your divine self.

Sometimes life throws us such tough, devastating trials that we have a “Dark Night of the Soul” – an initiation that fundamentally affects who we are and how we view the world.

And what, if not this epidemic, qualifies as a black night?

The remedy in the transfiguration process is not to fix or reject the darkness. It is to know the depth and breadth of pain. Only then will you see the majesty of your underlying essence — your true condition of being…

… and transform the anguish into something altogether fresh and far more pure.

Consider the caterpillar, whose form must utterly degrade and disintegrate before it can emerge as a completely new entity – the butterfly.

And, according to Andrew, this is what we are required to accomplish as a global collective at this moment.

We are being urged to awaken our divinity in order to become kinder, more compassionate, smarter, and more creative… as well as greater service in the world

A dream has already been fulfilled in the divine mind… a dream of an embodied divine humanity totally devoted to justice and harmony in action for all sentient creatures and a unified planet. As you may expect, this is extremely explosive and virtually incomprehensible to regular awareness.

Andrew Harvey’s

What You’ll Learn in These 12 Weeks

Andrew will guide you toward an embodied divine humanity — and a genuinely meaningful existence — in this 12-week transformative intensive, using insights and practices he’s gathered over decades… as he’s committed his life to this life-altering work.

This course will include LIVE instruction, interactive training sessions, and immersive exercises with Andrew. Each session will build on the one before it, so you’ll have a comprehensive holistic grasp of the practices, techniques, and concepts you’ll need to nurture spiritual devotion and draw inner strength through these terrifying and unpredictable times…

Module 1: Creating the True Perspective (April 22)

Transfiguration is the process of entirely submitting to our own spiritual progress as well as the healing of our planet.

It is the “Supreme Secret” at the heart of all mystical traditions — and the ultimate goal of humanity.

To embark on a journey of profound transfiguration, you must first unlearn the countless superficial messages implanted in you — and in all of us — by patriarchal mystical traditions.

In this first week, Andrew will walk you through the first stages toward constructing what he refers to as the genuine vision – of yourself, life, and the Universe…

…as wonderful, optimistic, joyous, passionate, and spectacular as it gets.

In this first module, you will investigate:

What you’ve most likely learnt from Andrew’s term for your addiction to transcendence — an addiction you may not have recognized you had.
How to align your whole transfiguration practice with the real perspective
Why the profound teachings of Kashmiri Shaivism (an Indian religious and philosophical system) most properly comprehend how important it is to create the most wonderful vision of who we truly are.
A technique for transforming your heart, mind, spirit, and body.
Module 2: What You Must Know Right Now About the Divine Feminine (April 29)

There can be no transfiguration without an all-out worship of the Divine Feminine…

As a result, the second week of your journey will be devoted to the function of the Divine Feminine, the universe’s birthing power.

Andrew will take you on a journey through the Divine Feminine in all of her grandeur, splendour, horror, beauty, and kindness.

As you’ll see, this stage in your transfiguration practices necessitates a dramatic rethinking of what you believe you know about the Divine Feminine.

This module will teach you:

Why understanding the two opposing aspects of the feminine is essential to the transfiguration process: both as Mary’s delicate energy AND as Kali, the feminine, terrible, destructive creative force
There are several ways in which your new knowledge of — and relationship with — the Divine Feminine should go beyond logic.
The mother’s affection, in all of her various shapes and faces
How to merge the feminine into a whole picture of yourself, your heart, and your thoughts
The significance of yielding to whatever the Divine Feminine throws at you on your journey to transfiguration

Module 3: How Modern Astrophysics Discoveries Affect Your Journey (May 6)

Andrew will lead you through the radical, contradictory, immensely unusual, strange — and yet, magnificent! — findings of contemporary astrophysics in this important third week.

As you’ll see, recent advances in physics and astrophysics have cast even more light on our Universe’s numerous paradoxes — and how our universe is potentially more accessible to divine transforming powers than we previously imagined.

In this module, you will investigate:

How current physics is revealing a completely new understanding of what matter is
What you may learn from recent astrophysics findings — and how to use this knowledge to your own transfiguration path
The lessons learned by those who have encountered the outskirts of transfiguration
The direct experiences of those who have been deep in the throes of their transfiguration processes — for example, many people describe the body as becoming its own immense universe, which corresponds to physics experiences in which particles on Earth have behaved in the same ways as identical particles millions of miles away.
Crystallized light energy frequently acts in fanciful, contradictory ways that might open up brilliant possibilities for you if you commit to what Andrew refers to as “working in dedication.”
First Integration Session (May 13)

The first of three integration sessions will begin with a brief centering exercise.

You’ll next enter into an in-depth discussion with Andrew regarding the teachings in the first three modules, with the opportunity to ask questions and share your own experiences.

What responses have you observed in yourself over the previous three weeks? How can you use the fundamental wisdom you’ve been learning in your life?

You are encouraged to bring your questions and reflections to this session as you interact with Andrew and your other attendees.

Module 4: Intellectual and Emotional Minds (May 27)

As you progress in your transfiguration, you must mute two inner systems that have been with you your entire life, striving to protect you…

… one is your intellectual mind, which is full of thoughts and mental chatter, and the other is your emotional mind, which is full of inherited sorrows and obsessions.

Andrew will share the following information with you this week:

Why are your cerebral and emotional brains attempting to keep you secure but also hindering your spiritual journey?
What the great transfiguration masters, alchemists, and other great creatures knew about their intellectual and emotional minds
What it means to descend into the depths of the body — and how it may assist you in unlocking vital insights on the path to your most deep change.
Transfiguration can occur only when you grasp the divinity of your core essence – the deathless self.
Simple methods to help you integrate your new knowledge into your daily life
Module 5: The Sensory & Physical Minds (June 3)

Now that you’ve explored how the intellectual and emotional minds influence your trip…

… Andrew will help you have a better understanding of your sensory and bodily brains.

This week, you’ll learn about your sensory mind, which includes emotions and experiences such as tiredness, drowsiness, fear, pain, and pleasure. It also controls your likes and dislikes, attraction and hostility, tension and relaxation, and other emotions.

Meanwhile, your physical mind is the fundamental mind with hypnotic power that may keep you stuck in darkness — and, as you’ll find, you must calm your physical mind in order to reach your spirit.

This week, you will investigate:

Why your sensory mind is in charge of your various physiological reactions to the environment around you, which are influenced by habits, media, education, and other factors.
The mesmerizing power of your physical mind… and why it is the most difficult layer of the body to transform
The processes through which your physical mind condenses and crystallizes matter
Your defeatist memories in your physical mind, which may frequently leave you feeling lost or imprisoned
How to delve into the depths of your physical mind to experience darkness — and then discover your own way out.
Powerful activities for understanding your body’s reactive network and moving beyond the constraints of your sensory and physical minds.
Second Integration Session (June 10)

You’ll go further into what you’ve been studying in this second integration session with Andrew and your classmates as you ask Andrew questions and share your ideas and experiences.

As you learn more about your classmates and their experiences, you’ll also listen to — and learn from — their comments and ideas.

Module 6: Transforming the Physical Cells of the Mind (June 17)

True spiritual rejuvenation alters everything, including the cells in your body.

Andrew will explain how this process works — and what it implies for your personal transformation — in the first of two presentations on cells and transfiguration.

As you’ll see, a real shift in awareness alters the physical circumstances of the world, transforming it into a completely new creation.

In this module, you will investigate:

Why the transfiguration process requires what Andrew refers to as the peeling away of the body’s layers The necessary need of changing the mind as you change
There are several reasons why altered physical cells can no longer obey the same principles of repetition and death that they previously did.
How transfigured physical cells become receptive to pure delight and embrace divine consciousness
What we may gain from what Aurobindo, the prominent spiritual teacher, referred to as supramental awareness — the supreme consciousness-force at the very center of matter, without any intermediate —
Module 7: Using Mantra to Transform Cells (June 24)

Building on what you learned last week about converting your cells, you will now investigate how the Divine Mother altered the cells through the use of a delightfully simple mantra: Om Bhagavate (Divine)…

She awoke to a new, immortal, global existence through the great power of the mantra — and what she taught us may bring about genuine rebirth and transformation in our modern lives…

This module will teach you:

The Divine Mother’s example of projecting the force of the chant into the depths of the cells and their structure — so that they no longer adhere to the old death template
What you may gain from her incredible experience of being everywhere on the earth at once
Her discovery of a fresh source of golden power — and how it then burst into the body
The numerous striking parallels between her experiences and what astrophysicists have learnt about the rules of the cosmos
The 13 written books she left us to learn from, complete with accounts of her deep experiences — and why they remain unlike anything the world has ever seen.
Module 8: Why Transitional Crisis Feels Scary at First — And How It Brings Rebirth (July 1)

Andrew will discuss what to expect during this procedure in this week’s session…

He’ll share some of the many moving first-person tales of what it’s like to give birth for the first time.

Anyone embarking on this transfiguration path must be prepared for the body to experience strange ailments as it learns a new, holy way of being and doing things.

This module will teach you:

What it is to be crushed and invaded by the supramental’s birthing light, as eyewitness testimonies of transfiguration have described it.
What happens when someone encounters a new sort of body — and why does this deep experience occur both locally in the body and universally?
What happens when the ego and its false self no longer hold the body back — including being suddenly accessible to clairvoyant understandings of the universe?
What distinguishes this approach from so many previous spiritual encounters?
Module 9: What Comes Next for You — and the World? (July 8)

As this trip comes to an end, you’ll begin to analyze what you’ve learned — and explore the next stages in your personal transformation process…

Andrew will give you an outline of the course… and walk you through how you might best prepare for what you need to do — or be — to continue your own evolution in a failing society.

Andrew will walk you through strong questions such as:

Where are we as a race today in the process of transfiguration?
What will the future spiritual advancements entail for you as a person, as well as for mankind and our greater world?
How can you effectively prepare for the future?
Session of Final Integration (July 15)

What is your vision in light of what you’ve learned on this trip with Andrew?

How has your knowledge of this crucial period in history evolved through time and via transmissions and practices?

How will you go in your own life?

Andrew will lead you through a brief practice in this last integration session…

After that, you’ll engage in a holy discourse with Andrew and your other participants about the lessons you’ve discovered together in these last sessions. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and reflect on your experiences.

The Engoldenment Course Bonus Pack

You’ll receive these amazing training sessions with prominent visionaries and instructors in addition to Andrew’s transforming 12-week virtual course. These additional sessions supplement the training and aim to deepen your understanding and practice.

Andrew Harvey’s Engoldenment Process Video Teaching

Andrew Harvey discusses the process of engoldenment, or the transformation of one’s heart, mind, soul, and body into gold by oneness with the One. He delves into the beautiful poetry of Kabir, humanity’s global mystical poet, whom he honors as the forerunner of the next stage of human growth.

Angelus Silesius Video Dialogue Featuring Andrew Harvey and Matthew Fox

Andrew and Matthew talk about Andrew’s recent book, Becoming God, and the incredible mystical depth of Angelus Silesius, the person it praises. Silesius was transfigured, and the 108 epigrams in the book depict the process in an illuminating way that Matthew and Andrew praise.

Matthew Fox is a prolific author who is reviving the ancient tradition of Creation Spirituality. This tradition is feminist, open to the arts and artists, wisdom-centered, prophetic, and concerned with environmental justice, social justice, and gender justice. Fox’s efforts to reawaken the West to its own mystical heritage have included raising knowledge of Hildegard of Bingen, Meister Eckhart, and Thomas Aquinas’ mysticism, as well as working with current mystics. He thinks that “through rethinking labor, education, and worship, we may bring about a peaceful revolution on our globe,” and he has dedicated himself to this vision for many years, most recently by laying out 95 theses for a new Christian reformation.

Andrew Harvey’s Kabir Turn Me to Gold: An Introduction to Kabir and a Reading Video Recording

This movie honors the great Indian mystic Kabir of the 15th century, whose testimony to the wild and sacred process of transfiguration is required now more than ever.

Kabir was an Indian mystic poet and saint whose writings inspired the Bhakti movement considerably. There are several traditions surrounding the birth, life, and death of Kabir, one of India’s most famous poets and mystics. His birth is buried in mystery; some believe he was the son of a Brahman widow, while others say he was born of a virgin. What is known is that he was raised in a Muslim weaving household. He had never had formal education and was nearly illiterate. According to legend, he died when he was nearly 120 years old.


Andrew Harvey is an author, speaker, and founder/director of the Institute of Sacred Activism, an international organization focused on inviting concerned people to take up the challenge of our contemporary global crises by becoming inspired, effective, and practical agents of institutional and systemic change in order to create peace and sustainability.


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