The Evolution of Tool Making by Alec Steele



Alec Steele - The Evolution of Tool Making

The Evolution of Tool Making by Alec Steele

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The Evolution of Tool Making!

How YOU can forge the tools to make the tools: A story of how the blacksmith catalysed civilisation.

The Evolution of Tool Making!

How YOU can forge the tools to make the tools!

On my flagship online course, I will teach you how to make the tools that truly helped mould and apply human creativity to the great heights we see today. The simple fact that I can communicate with you here is because a blacksmith somewhere, sometime, used a hammer to make the tools, to make a hammer that set the rivets on the first steam engine, igniting the industrial revolution.

“By Hammer and Hand, all Crafts do Stand”

I hugely understand the struggles of trying to immerse oneself in the craft of blacksmithing.That is why I have decided to compile this information into an online course. You will learn, with a hand hammer, hot cut and striker how to forge all the tools to forge your own hammer! It’s going to set off an avalanche of inspiration in your mind, followed by an avalanche of power in your hammer.

Learn how to make all of the following tools, starting with only a hammer, a hot cut and a sledge:

Hammer Tongs

V – Tipped Slot Punch

Hammer Eye Drift

Your First Hammer Eye Punch

Top Fuller

Bottom Fuller

Cupping Tool


Hammer Eye Punch with a Striker

Top Hot Cut


• Brian Brazeal Style Hot Cut Hardy •

• Rounding Hammer •

Check out the promo video of making the rounding hammer below:

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P.S. If you only want to know how to forge a rounding hammer, click here

Class Curriculum


  • Tool Making Introduction (2:57)
  • How to Gain the Most Value from Your Learning Experience.
  • Your New Online Community!

Tongs, Punches and Drift!

  • How to Forge Hammer Tongs (36:19)
  • Hammer Tongs Blueprint
  • How to Make the V-Tipped Slot Punch (6:40)
  • How to Forge a Hammer Eye Drift (16:11)
  • How to Make a Hammer Eye Punch With Only a Hand Hammer (33:11)


  • What is a Striking Anvil? (2:38)
  • How to Swing a Sledge Hammer (6:27)




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The Evolution of Tool Making by Alec Steele