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The Grappler’s Guide

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Learn The Many Grappling Concepts and Principles That You Either Never Notice, Aren’t Taught, or People Keep From You!If You Do Not Learn Something That Can Impact Either Yours Or Your Student’s Grappling Game For the Better, I Will Refund 100% Of Your Money AND You Can STILL Keep The DVD Set!This DVD Set Is Guaranteed to Open Your Eyes and YourMind In Ways You May Not Have Ever Thought Of!Detailed Concepts That Will Last For The LIFE Of Your Grappling At ALL Levels! Concepts That You Can Use And Add to Many Parts of Your Game These Will Help You More Than Any One Single Technique Learn Not Just How But Also The Why Can Be Applied At the Beginner And Advanced Level Can Be Applied For The LIFE Of Your Training Will Help You Become a Better Thinker


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The Grappler’s Guide