The Intuitive Sound Healing Course by Jennifer Posada



 The Intuitive Sound Healing Course by Jennifer Posada

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The Intuitive Sound Healing Course

A Six-Session Online Course with Jennifer Posada

Since the most ancient of times, sound has been used as one of the most powerful healing forces ever known…It has been used around the world in every sacred tradition, but it was also in use before the world existed…before the universe was born.  Sound was the first wave-form of creation from the pulsing heart of the love behind all things…

We have the power to use this force in our lives every single day…to remove obstacles and dissolve pain, to invite and magnetize all that we desire, to be more at home in our bodies and to manifest our soul’s most potent gifts into the world…

Vibration is the radiant heart of all powers of transformation.  It is the voice, sometimes audible, sometimes subtle, of love itself and the purest vehicle of physical manifestation.  We come into the world knowing how to use sound to heal and re-align ourselves, as babies, and like animals, but we forget.  It is time to remember. To remember our innate and inborn abilities to use sound to heal, and to remember our skills from other lifetimes as Sound Healers and bring them into this one…

Many of the shamanic traditions of Sound Healing are documented, from around the world, but for some of us the most powerful sound healing experience we may ever have had was the time we cried in the shower, and moaned, and a new world of vision opened up…this connection between sound, intuition, and vision is accessible to us as much now as it was in ancient times… 


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The Intuitive Sound Healing Course by Jennifer Posada