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Dear Kindle Publisher,

If you would like to expand your current (or future) Kindle business and make even more money without slaving away in front of your computer, then I suggest you pay close attention.

In just a moment I will show you exactly how you can easily automate the majority of the processes in your Kindle publishing business

…so that you can generate MORE sales with LESS worries.

Back when I started with my Kindle business I did what most people would do: do every single task by myself.

Since I was highly motivated at the beginning (the same way you are feeling right now) it wasn’t a problem.

I would spend hours upon hours in front of my Mac working like crazy.

…But the more books I was publishing, the harder it was getting to keep up with everything.

Look, the internet lifestyle is about having MORE time to do the things you love, not to be glued to your computer 24/7.

Things became easier for me.

I had more time to plan and sink my teeth into new ways to expand my Kindle publishing business – and all of this while making even more sales.

And of course, more freedom to do the things I love!

Listen, bottom line is you just can’t do it all by yourself… you need a loyal team to do the dirty jobs for you!

And that’s what I am going to show you RIGHT NOW.

The Kindle Virtual Assistant Training Program is a step-by-step video course where I open the curtains of my Kindle Business outsourcing process and show you HOW you can hire, train and create a loyal team of virtual assistant that will help you to expand your Kindle business FASTER, so that you can make MORE sales in LESS time.

There’s no fluff or boring ramblings here: I get to the point and show YOU absolutely everything, from A to Z. There’s nothing held back.

This is what you are about to discover…

  • A complete, instructional video program on how to hire, train and manage your own team of VA’s so that they run 95% of the tasks for you (think about more free time and less strains when running your Kindle business).
  • The same Training Videos and Standard Operating Procedures (documents) that I personally use to train my VA’s to successfully execute the following tasks for me:  formatting, publishing, getting Amazon reviews, submitting to directories, setting free promotions, promoting in Twitter and Facebook, CreateSpace… and MUCH more! This is very simple… you only have to get your VA’s to watch these videos and they will do *everything* for you!
  • A killer, smart way to interview your Virtual Assistants so that you always pick up the best guys on the block (I will even hand you a cool transcript of a Skype conversation that I had with someone who now is one of my best assistants)!
  • The fastest way to SCALE and EXPAND your Kindle Publishing Business into a 6-figure empire – if you want to produce 10, 20, or even 30 books per month you definitely need a team… and in my video training program I show you EXACTLY how you can achieve this!
  • How to leave the mundane and repetitive tasks of your Kindle business to others, while you enjoy your passive money, more time for you and your family and also so that you can focus your efforts in taking your sales to the stratosphere!
  • And much more…

Video Lessons

These are high-quality, “do-this-do-that” videos where you can discover effective strategies for outsourcing, automation and systematization of your Kindle publishing business.

  • How To Hire A Kindle Publishing Assistant
  • How To Interview A Kindle Publishing Assistant
  • How To Train Your Virtual Assistants
  • How To Save Money And Pay Your Virtual Assistants
  • How To Hire A Manager For Your Kindle Publishing Business
  • How To Increase The Performance Of Your Virtual Assistants Through Bonuses And Incentives
  • Fear Of Letting Go And Giving Up Control Of Your Kindle Business
  • What To Do If Your Virtual Assistant Sucks
  • 12 Lessons For Hiring, Working With And Managing Virtual Assistants
  • How To Safely Share Your Passwords With Your Virtual Assistants
  • 4 Steps To Automate & Systematize Your Publishing Business
  • Outsourcing Your First Task To A Virtual Assistant
  • How Many Virtual Assistants Do I Need In My Publishing Business
  • The Weekly Update
  • Interview Transcript For Hiring A VA

VA Training Videos (For Your Virtual Assistants)

These are the same exact videos and documents that I personally use to train my VA’s. Just simply get them to watch these instructional videos and they will get to work for you!

  • Finding Profitable Kindle Niches & Keywords
  • Formatting A Book For Kindle
  • Publishing A Book On KDP
  • Setting Up A Free Promotion
  • Submitting Books To Websites For Free Promotion
  • Promoting Books On Facebook
  • Promoting Books On Twitter
  • Getting Amazon Reviews From Facebook Book Promotion Group
  • Getting Amazon Reviews From Facebook
  • Getting Amazon Reviews From Twitter
  • Getting Amazon Reviews From Forums
  • Getting Amazon Reviews From Top Amazon Reviewers
  • Submitting Books To GoodReads, Shelfari And Other Websites
  • How To Format A Book For CreateSpace
  • Publishing A Book To CreateSpace
  • Creating Amazon Author Central Profiles
  • Creating Amazon Listmania Lists

And more will be added as I continue to learn and train my VA’s on more tasks!  Anything that I create to train my VA’s on, will my added to the program so you get first access to it.

It is my sincere interest to help you make more money with your Kindle publishing business, and also to provide VALUE to you.

That’s why I am also including an amazing bonus that you’ll simply LOVE.



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