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The MA Academy Business Bootcamp by Melissa Ambrosini

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What if you could take your idea, business or blog and turn it into a thriving six — or even seven — figure empire?

With the game-changing strategies you’ll learn in this Bootcamp, those kind of results are not just a crazy pipe dream, they’re 100% possible. How do I know? ‘Cos they’re the EXACT same tools and techniques that have helped me sky-rocket my own business…

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a business that you L.O.V.E. or doing work that fuels your soul, and of getting paid what you know you’re worth, then the MA Academy Business Bootcamp is for you.

Behind these digital doors, you’ll find over 16+ hours of game-changing content designed to not only rocket your business to the next level, but to unleash the mindset shifts necessary for you to experience exponential growth and epic abundance.

This Online Bootcamp is perfect for you if…

  • You have a business you want to take to the next level, or a blog or idea you want to monetise.
  • You’ve been struggling to break through and keep getting stuck (even though you know you could help improve people’s lives).
  • You’re tired of watching other biz owners achieving awesome results and not knowing how to replicate that success for yourself.
  • You want your business to not only support you financially, but to fulfil you creatively. (You want to lead from the heart, not the head.)
  • You’re overwhelmed by all the conflicting information out there, and just want someone you can trust — who’s actually walked the path themselves — to tell it to you straight.
  • You want to make an impact, make excellent money, and make your business dreams comes true.

Most of all, you want practical, actionable strategies that you can implement immediately — things you know are going to work, and give you real, tangible results.

An epic business is no accident. This instant access Bootcamp will walk you through EVERYTHING you need to connect with your tribe, leverage your strengths, and share your passion with the world.

Throughout this program, you’ll get unprecedented access into the inner workings of my business and how I’ve built my empire from the ground up. You’ll also be hearing from the three secret weapons who have fuelled incredible results and supercharged the growth of my business. (I had to work with these guys for years to get these insights — you’ll get them in a few hours!)

Together, we’ll be covering the six essential elements of creating a successful heart-centred business, including:

Element #1: Heart

  • How to stay true to yourself and your vision — even when things get tough.
  • The mindset mistakes that almost every entrepreneur makes (if you don’t get this stuff right, you’ll never be able to crack the big-time).

Element #2: Foundations

  • The must-have systems that have made the BIGGEST difference to my business (and how automating specific functions is essential for growth).
  • The secret to leveraging your strengths, scaling your vision, and going global.

Element #3: Tools

  • The essentials of a kick-ass website that generates income and leads 24/7 (including how to create an epic opt-in).
  • How to build an authentic list packed with people lining up to work with you.

Element #4: Products

  • Honing in your authentic audience. (Struggled with ‘ideal customer’ exercises before? This foolproof method will help you hit the bullseye.)
  • The secrets of creating irresistible products and super-charged launches (including exclusive behind-the-scenes insights on my most successful launch to date).

Element #5: WOW Factor

  • How to WOW your tribe and turn them from casual readers into devoted fans.
  • Why over-delivering is essential (and the systems that will help you knock it out of the park).

Element #6: Hot Seats

  • Discover the answers to common questions plaguing all start-up soulpreneurs.
  • Watch as my #1 go-to-guy and internet marketing genius workshops with biz owners just like you, to solve their issues and catapault them to the next level.

Click ADD TO CART now and get immediate access to…

  • The entire video recording of the MA Academy Business Bootcamp sessions (that’s 16+ hours of game-changing content — valued at $997)
  • MP3 audio files of all content (so you can listen and learn while you’re on the go)
  • Companion PDFs for each of the six sections, so that you’ve got a handy roadmap to guide your journey (and keep everything fresh in your mind)
  • Unprecedented insights from Melissa into the strategies and techniques that have grown her business from a hobby to high six-figures
  • Masterclasses with the three secret weapons who have helped shape and skyrocket my business. (Access to this these experts alone is worth tens of thousands of dollars)

The value in this resource is unrivalled. One of our guiding intentions here at MA HQ is over-delivering on everything we do, and this Bootcamp is the best example yet of this principle in action.

Even better, because it’s instant access, you’ll be able to jump straight into this game-changing program TODAY. (Yep, today could be the day everything changes for your business.)



MELISSA AMBROSINI is the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl and Open Wide, a keynote speaker, entrepreneur and self-love teacher.In her signature straight-talking style, Melissa teaches women how to master their inner Mean Girl, smash through limiting beliefs, and ditch the self-doubt so they can start living the life of their dreams.


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The MA Academy Business Bootcamp by Melissa Ambrosini