The Market Geometry Advanced Seminar DVD



The Market Geometry Advanced Seminar DVD

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The Market Geometry Advanced Seminar DVD

The Advanced Seminar is a two disk set of advanced level material that features trading methodologies Action Reaction Lines and Diamond patterns.

Disk 1 topics include:

  • Newton, Babson, Andrews, Marechal: The History and Legacy
  • Position Sizing
  • The Center Line

Disk 2 topics include:

  • Theory Into Practice
  • Action Reaction Lines and Non-Equidistant Lines that Carry Frequency
  • Diamonds: Using Tested Lines of Opposing Force to Find High Probability Trades

Recorded April 24, 2010

Running time: Disk 1 3 hours 9 minutes; Disk 2 2 hours 49 minutes

As is always the case, there are never refunds issued for DVD sales.

$1,179.00 USD

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The Market Geometry Advanced Seminar DVD