The Mindvalley Yoga Quest by Cecilia Sardeo


The Mindvalley Yoga Quest by Cecilia Sardeo

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For 21 days, you will participate in a series of easy-to-follow 20 – 30 minute daily sessions and weekly pre-recorded Q&A sessions with your head yoga instructor Cecilia Sardeo and eight world-class yoga instructors.
Whether you are a complete novice or have some expertise, you will receive all the love and direction you require to improve your life with the amazing power of yoga.
A 21-Day Quest that will provide you with a fun, rewarding yoga practice that you will like and stick to (No Matter Your Lifestyle Or Physical Condition)
The Mindvalley Yoga Quest has been meticulously created to match your hectic schedule while dissolving the beliefs and mental patterns that may have held you back in the past, such as a lack of discipline, confidence, or focus. By the end of the Quest, your regular yoga practice will be as natural to you as breathing.
We guarantee you won’t have to learn any crazy yoga lingo or contort yourself into torturous poses. Each training session with Cecilia and her team is focused on bringing you fantastic results in the simplest, gentlest method possible. There is no hurry or urgency.
We’ve gone to great lengths to offer you a list of the world’s most in-demand yoga instructors. Teachers like Tymi Howard, Dashama Gordon, and Erin Motz frequently demand a premium for their abilities (if you can even obtain a seat on their calendars), but this Quest gives you access to all of them at once.
You’ll sit down for an intimate discussion of yoga theory and self-reflection on some days. On others, you’ll spread out your yoga mat and try out some new positions. This multi-faceted method to learning ensures you acquire the “full picture” of what yoga is all about.
Remember that you’re not only working out, but also working in. As you advance through the Mindvalley Yoga Quest, you will see changes in the quality of your ideas, habits, beliefs, self-discipline, and self-identity as well as physical improvements. The influence on every aspect of your life will be invaluable.
We’re not going to do yoga for 21 days and then give up. We’ll walk you through an inspiring process that will solidify your yoga practice for life. Yoga will become more than simply something you do every day or a few times a week; it will become a highlight of your life and a tool you use frequently to be the greatest version of yourself.


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The Mindvalley Yoga Quest by Cecilia Sardeo