The Miracle of Meditation Virtual Retreat by Jeff Carreira



 The Miracle of Meditation Virtual Retreat by Jeff Carreira

Salepage : Jeff Carreira – The Miracle of Meditation Virtual Retreat

The Miracle of Meditation Virtual Retreat

BuddahA non-residential 5-Day Retreat
In the home meditation studio
of Leslie Raznick
July 1st – July 5th;
9am – 5pm daily
time for questions & answers
1/2 day or full day options
plenty of breaks and lunch

I invite you to come to my home and meditate with me.

Whether you are a beginner or a long time meditator, my teacher Jeff Carriera will guide us virtually during his live retreat in Philadelphia. This meditation journey is simple, self-affirming, and profound and will change our lives in 5 short days.

This “no problem” meditation is the single most important practice I’ve used to fill my life with joy, satisfaction and peace.

What to Expect


expanded awareness

For five days you will be guided into more and more expansive experiences of consciousness. You will discover that all of your perceptions are seen through a filter of beliefs and assumptions about reality. During this retreat you will relax your awareness until it begins to liberate itself from false assumptions and expands beyond what you thought was possible. Out past the limitations of our normal habits of mind you will discover an ocean of consciousness. ‘We are One’ is the refrain of the world’s great mystical traditions and during this retreat you will experience the inherent Oneness that is the ultimate source of being.

precision of mind

As your awareness expands, your normal thought stream slows down revealing an amazing capacity for clear and focused inner perception. As you learn to relax your mind’s inner chatter you will find access to profound powers of insight and intuition. Every moment will illuminate new understanding about who we really are, how reality actually works, and what we have the opportunity to grow into. You will then be instructed how to turn this precision of awareness toward the process of awakening, and you will experience your true potential to consciously guide your own spiritual evolution.

freedom of spirit

During this retreat you will free your mind from the constraints of limitation and separation. As these habits of thought and belief fall away our heart, mind, and spirit will become liberated. As we let go of unnecessary tendencies toward defensiveness and self-concern, our heart and mind will begin to open up. You will release walls of separation and open into the fullness of what is. As this expansion of being grows you will find yourself embracing life with a spirit that can no longer be contained.

Not sure whether you’re ready for this?

It’s the most simple, straight-forward meditation technique I’ve ever practiced.
Call me. Let’s talk about it. 206-745-9504

What You Will Explore

the practice of no problem

The Practice of No Problem means not making a problem out of anything that arises in your experience. As you become adept at this simple technique you will begin to become aware of your own inherent freedom.

The Practice of No Problem is about being with everything exactly the way it already is. Most of us live in a struggle with the way things are. As long as our energy is wrapped up in a struggle with the way things are, we are not available for anything more. As long as we are locked in a struggle nothing changes.

As you learn to accept the way things are your energy is free, your attention is free, and you become available to experience things that you couldn’t imagine before. When we learn to stop struggling with the way things are, we are available to be lifted into higher possibilities.

consciousness beyond mind

Our minds have been conditioned to remain relentlessly fixated on a small range of thoughts, feelings, and sensory perceptions. This habit of limiting perception is so strong that we assume there is nothing else to be aware of.

On this retreat you will discover how to perceive more than your mind can. Meditation, whether it’s done sitting with your eyes closed or through any other method, occurs when you discover how to remove your attention from its normal fixation on thought and feeling and allow it to float freely in consciousness.

What you will discover on this retreat is that you are not limited by your mind.
You have the ability to experience beyond it.

first and second surrender

The first surrender of meditation is a deep passive acceptance of what is, making yourself available for awakening. You give up control and you allow divine wisdom to carry you into higher consciousness.

Giving of oneself to the process of awakening is the second surrender of meditation. You will explore meditation as a practice of falling into expanded being, and you will be encouraged to approach it as an act of falling in love.

You will learn how to continually give yourself to the awakening process in a dance with the source of divinity that has invited you.

About Jeff Carreira

Jeff Carreira was a member of the EnlightenNext spiritual community and a close student of teacher Andrew Cohen for over twenty years. As the Director of Education there he guided the spiritual growth and development of hundreds of individuals worldwide as he still does today. Jeff also co-leads The Evolutionary Collective in New York City with his teaching partner Patricia Albere.

Jeff guides people into the profound depths of meditative practice. His sensitive and precise guidance will invite you into unlimited possibility. His direct and supportive manner of instruction consistently brings both experienced practitioners and novices alike to some of their most profound realizations. Read more on Jeff’s website.

Excerpts from A Personal Letter of Invitation from Jeff Carreira

Our current sense of self is not who we are. In deep meditation we experience reality beyond any sense of self. Through the practice of inner freedom we discover that we are not who we thought we were. Our current sense of self is rooted in the experience of separation. Who we think we are is a deeply conditioned habit of identity that shapes our relationship to all of reality. We are much more than that. In the depths of meditative release we find that our awareness emerges out of a field of pure consciousness.

The reason I felt drawn to offer a five-day meditation retreat is because I know that it takes sustained focused time to see through the illusion of a separate self. Learning to let go of who we think we are and then spending time abiding in the blissful depths of pure being is the first step in a natural process of growth. As we relax into consciousness beyond identity we become available for a process of growth that will allow us to first experience and then embrace the next form of being human.

Over twenty years ago I dedicated myself to a very full and intense spiritual life. During the past two decades I have been blessed with spiritual breakthroughs and energetic openings beyond my wildest dreams. In this retreat I will integrate and synthesize all that I have experienced and all that I have learned about how to let go of who we think we are and abide in consciousness free of identity. I offer this retreat in support of the journey of awakening that you are already on.

I assure you that you will get the full benefit of all of my experience. By following the recordings that you receive each day you will spend hours in meditation in a format fueled with the power and focus that can give you true breakthrough experiences.

Jeff Carreira

Comments from Past Retreat Participants

“The retreat was incredible! It drew me into a deeper and richer experience than I have ever had before and I am seeing everything differently.”

“I was guided into a space of bare attention that took me to a new depth of sensitivity and openness.”

“I discovered a new dimension and a deep motivation to meditate with greater intensity.”

“Utterly reorienting in the best, deepest and most liberating way.”

“I now understand the power of meditation in a much deeper way than ever before.”

“This is the most dynamic meditation course I have ever taken.”

“This retreat opened me to a new recognition of who I am and I am very grateful for that.”

“What a fresh approach to meditation! The depth was tangible and it left me swimming in a deep experience of mystery and awe.”

“Jeff’s profound immersion in meditation makes him an inspiring teacher.”

“Jeff’s guidance is authentically rooted in his own deep meditation practice over many years and I find his voice to be both authoritative and relaxing — a terrific combination.”

“This ‘no problem’ approach to meditation has noticeably carried over into my perspective throughout the day, enabling me to better respond to whatever arises. Priceless!”

5-Day Virtual Meditation Retreat

in the home meditation studio of Leslie Raznick
July 1st – July 5th;
9am – 5pm daily
with time for questions & answers
1/2 day or full day options

Only $99


Space is limited ~ Register Today

Call me: 206-349-8686 or Email me: [email protected]

Registration closes June 24th

Come as many days as you like.
Stay for 1/2 day or full day meditation each day.

  • Good company, powerful meditation instruction
  • Tea and light snacks included
  • Bring your lunch or shop at our local PCC only 2 blocks away
  • Please bring a meditation cushion or pillow(s) to sit on
    plus a blanket and a sweater to keep you warm.
  • Chairs available for those who can not sit on the floor to meditate.

To insure a peaceful and quiet meditation space, please be ready to begin on time each day and do not plan to leave until we break for lunch or end our day.

It gives me great joy to share this with you.
I hope you will join me.


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The Miracle of Meditation Virtual Retreat by Jeff Carreira