The Natural Approach by Bobby Rio



 The Natural Approach by Bobby Rio

Salepage : Bobby Rio – The Natural Approach

“Amazing Secret Discovered By New Jersey Man Gets Rid Of Your Fear Of Approaching Women And Attracts Dozens of New Women

Into Your Life!”


It Has Nothing To Do With Your Looks Or Income, And

It Works Even If You Canʼt Get Yourself To Talk To

Women Now!

Dear friend,


If youʼve ever struggled with getting yourself to walk up to an attractive woman and start a conversation, then youʼre gonna love this.


Hereʼs what this is all about: My name is Bobby Rio, and I recently made a discovery that makes it drop dead easy for guys just like you and me to walk up to women and start conversations.


Youʼll never again have to struggle with hesitation and nervousness when you use this discovery, and youʼll understand why in just a minute. But before I show you how it works, first I want to tell you…

Why You’re Not Meeting Women Right Now

Itʼs not because you donʼt have confidence, or youʼre not good-looking or rich enough. And actually, itʼs not even your fault. The fact is… youʼve been lied to for years about what it takes to meet and attract beautiful women. People tell you things like:


“Just be yourself.”


Usually itʼs women that give you this brilliant advice. Let me ask you something, if thatʼs all it takes is to “just be yourself”, what happens if youʼre not already an interesting and social guy? Is “just being yourself” enough to attract new and beautiful women into your life? If it was, weʼd all have women in our lives.


Next, some dating teachers tell you that if you want to get good at meeting women, you have to go out there and approach 1,000 women to make yourself “rejection-proof”.

Here’s Why That Doesn’t Work…

You donʼt build confidence by constantly exposing yourself to failure. You build

confidence by being successful at something over and over again.


Think about it, would you teach someone to drive by having them get behind the wheel and smash into things until they were confident that they could handle anything? No, that would only make them terrified to get behind the wheel of a car again.


Itʼs no different with meeting women. When you first get started, itʼs scary to go out to a social gathering and walk up to a woman youʼve never met, especially when you donʼt know what to say. And itʼs even more scary to do it in difficult places like bars and clubs where women get hit on 20 times a night and are quick to reject you.


Daytime environments are no easier. Approaching a women in places like bookstores, shopping malls, and coffee shops feels awkward, unnatural, and a little weird. Have you ever tried it? Itʼs stressful, and almost never leads to getting a girlfriend.

Why Should You Listen To Me About Attracting Women?

A couple years ago I decided I wanted to have more women in my life. I was lonely,dateless, and totally clueless about how to attract women. I could get myself to go out with some friends to a bar or some other social gathering, but the same thing would happen every single time.

Iʼd see a woman I liked, feel like I wanted to go talk to her, but I just couldnʼt. The reason I couldnʼt is because I was nervous, I didnʼt know what to say to her, and truth be told… I just couldnʼt get myself to go over there and open my mouth. It was like I was frozen in place.

In fact, I was SO shy that a few times women walked up to me and started a conversation, and it always fizzled out within a minute or two, just before they excused themselves to go to the bathroom

I Didnʼt Know What Was Wrong

With Me!

Why couldnʼt I get myself to talk to these women? I honestly didnʼt know what to do, but I DID know that my shyness was killing my social life, and I had to do something about it.

I made a decision right there to get this area of my life handled and do whatever it takes to start meeting more women. Most of the advice I got when I first started out did not work for me. People told me things like I had to go to bars and clubs and try to talk to 10-15 women per night.

Thatʼs like telling someone how to work out when they go to the gym. Itʼs helpful for some people, but not the ones who canʼt get themselves to GO to the gym. Similarly, the kind of advice I was getting was great for someone who can already talk to women and they just wanted to get better, but that wasnʼt me. I couldnʼt even get myself to talk to women, and so I set out to find a solution to what I was experiencing

After two long years of trial and error, I finally discovered what works. I discovered that approaching women is actually extremely easy once you know the secret to playing the game on the easy level. Once I knew the shortcuts that I teach you in this course…

I Started Dating 2-3 Women At A Time Almost Right Away!

This program worked for me, and I was hopelessly shy. If it worked for me, I know it can work for you.

Let’s Talk About YOU For A Minute…

What happens to you when you see a woman youʼre attracted to and you really DO want to go up and talk to her? If youʼre anything like I was, itʼs not that you have some crazy, dramatic, gut-wrenching fear that paralyzes you and prevents you from talking to her.


The real truth is… youʼre a normal, cool guy, but for some reason… you just canʼt get yourself to go over there and start the conversation. Itʼs like something inside is stopping you from taking action. The longer you wait, the worse it feels.


You keep checking her out and waiting for the right moment, but it never comes. You wish you could say something… anything to get her attention, but for some weird reason… you just canʼt get yourself to do it. I mean, sheʼs standing right there, and yet youʼre stuck and unable to act.


You know you could talk to her if you could just get yourself to go over there and say hello, but youʼre not really sure what to say to get things started, and youʼre definitely not sure of what to say after you have her attention… so you do nothing.


Eventually she walks away, and you actually feel a little relieved. You tell yourself you could have talked to her if you wanted to, but thatʼs the thing… you DID want to, but you couldnʼt get yourself to do it.


And thatʼs the part that sucks, because you know thereʼs a chance that she might have been interested. I mean, you know deep down that youʼre a good guy, and that women really would be interested in you if you could only get yourself to make that first approach and give them a chance to get to know you. Youʼd love to be the kind of guy who naturally start conversations with beautiful women without even trying.

Well Now You Can! Here’s The Good News About Your Dating Life…

Your days of having no women in your life are over. There is a solution to this problem, and MAN does it work! I can sum it up this secret in only seven words, and I will in just a minute, but first, I need to explain something.


Letʼs say you wanted to learn how to ski. Would you start out on your first day going on the most difficult slope on the mountain (usually called a black diamond)? No you wouldnʼt.


But thatʼs what some dating teachers tell you to do. They want you to go out with no skills and no experience, and go into difficult places like crowded, noisy night clubs and try to walk up to hot women and talk to them.

That’s Like Playing The Game On The Hardest Possible Level!

Do you think youʼll be motivated to continue playing the game if you keep getting shot down and rejected? Of course not!


Hereʼs another simple example. Letʼs talk about video games for second.

Imagine youʼre sitting down to play a game for the first time and you keep dying in thefirst 30 seconds. Every time you try, boom… youʼre dead in the first few seconds. After about 15-20 tries, you give up and say, “This game sucks. I donʼt want to play it anymore.”


Have you ever felt that way about trying to meet beautiful women? I know I sure have! You see, people are motivated to play a game that they have a shot at winning, and thatʼs the secret to successfully meeting dozens of women. You have to play the game in a way that makes it easy to win.

Here’s The Secret That Will Change Your Dating Life Forever!

Remember those seven magic words I told you about? They are simply this –     “Play the game on the easy level.”


Think about it… when you learn to ski, you donʼt go on a difficult hill to start. You go on the bunny slopes until youʼre confident enough to try something more difficult.


And most video games start you out on the easy level because they want you to have the experience of winning so youʼll want to keep playing. Once you get good and make it to the more advanced levels of the game, thatʼs when it starts getting more challenging, but by then you want the challenge.


Thatʼs the secret to learning how to meet women. You have to play the game on the easy level to start with, and practice meeting women in places where your success is almost guaranteed.

The Proven Solution That Makes Meeting Women Easy

Iʼve created a step-by-step formula that eliminates the fear of meeting women by making it extremely easy for you to succeed and get results. You see, if you want to be the kind of guy who can effortlessly talk to women wherever he goes, you have to start on the easy level so you can build your confidence while still meeting and dating a lot of cool and attractive women right away.

I call this program The Natural Approach, because it allows you to learn to meet women in the same way you learned everything else youʼre good at… naturally. And, it allows you to still be your natural, authentic self while still doing things that actually work and attract dozens of women into your life.



Hereʼs a small sample what youʼll learn in this incredible program:        


  • You probably think itʼs fear preventing you from approaching women, but itʼs actually something else. Iʼll show you what it is, and the simple solution that
    changes everything for you.
  • How to instantly tell when a woman wants you to approach her. Believe it or not, women have sent you these signals all your life. You just never saw them before. Once you know what they are, youʼll never miss another opportunity to have a cool girlfriend again.
  • 3 things youʼre doing that actually inhibit your ability to approach women every time you go out. As soon as you stop doing these three things, youʼll be surprised to discover how natural and easy approaching really is.
  • One sentence that kills any chance you have of approaching women. I call this the “invisible approach stopper”, and itʼs responsible for stopping thousands of men dead in their tracks whenever they think of approaching a beautiful woman. Iʼll show you how to get rid of this once and for all so you no longer feel like something is holding you back.
  • A powerful inner game secret that makes it easy and effortless for you to walk up to women and start conversations.
  • My 4-step system to creating bulletproof self-confidence. Once you apply these 4 simple steps, youʼll notice an immediate difference in how you feel when you go out to socialize, and youʼll see a BIG change in how women respond to you.
  • The #1 secret to making yourself failure-proof. Once you know this, you wonʼt have to worry about being rejected or failing with women ever again.
  • The single biggest mistake guys make that actually reverses their progress and causes them to actually get worse at approaching women. Once you know what it is, youʼll be surprised to see how many guys you know are doing this, and youʼll know exactly how to turn it around.
  • A powerful technique I learned from an acting coach that conditions your mind to think like someone who is a master at approaching women. And hereʼs a hint: Youʼre already doing this technique, but in the reverse. Iʼm serious, thereʼs about a 95% chance that youʼre accidentally using this technique to make yourself worse with women. Iʼll teach you how to flip the switch so you can start attracting as many gorgeous women as you want.
  • 3 magic words that instantly skyrocket your confidence. Say them to yourself before you talk to a woman, and youʼll find yourself automatically saying and doing the right things to attract her.
  • 6 simple ways to make approaching women more fun for both you and the women you talk to. Choose any one of these 6 and try it the first time you go out. What youʼll discover is that, when you combine this with the other techniques you learn, women really enjoy being approached by you, and youʼll enjoy it as well.
  • 3 easy tricks that ignite the approach mindset. This is a mental state you get into that not only makes it easy for you to approach women, but you actually feel driven to do so. Suddenly what used to be incredibly difficult now seems easy when you use any one of these 3 tricks. I still use them almost every time I go out because they work so well.
  • Afraid of rejection? Iʼll show you how to flip a switch in your mind that turns that fear off and makes it easy for you to just have fun and be in the moment.
  • Also, if youʼre worried about women being bitchy or rude, donʼt be. Iʼll give you two absolutely killer lines to use anytime a woman acts this way that immediately makes her laugh and amplifies her attraction for you.
  • And lastly I’ll teach you my most powerful conversation starter that gets women talking…


The “Swiss Army Knife”         of Conversation Starters


This is not one of those courses that give you 101 pickup lines to         say to women.  In fact, I only give you one type of conversation         starter, and there is a very good reason for that.


This is no ordinary conversation starter. This one is like the Swiss         Army of all conversation starters.  It’s like having a “skeleton         key” that opens every lock.  You don’t actually need a whole lot of         things to say when you’re armed with this opener.


It works every time and is completely natural and effortless because         it automatically adapts to whatever situation you’re in.  You will         never again be stuck for what to say to a woman to start the         conversation once you know this opener.


In addition to that, I’ve included another module to the course which         answers your most pressing and important questions about approaching         women and starting conversations.  Here’s what you’ll learn in this         special module:


  • How to use my unique conversation starter to talk to                         any woman who is with a group of her friends.                          Believe it or not, it’s actually easier to talk to a                         woman in a group than it is to talk to a woman who is                         alone, and I’ll teach you how its done.
  • 3 Common mistakes guys make that make them look                         “creepy” when they approach, and the simple “fix” that                         makes you come across as totally natural, relaxed, and                         easy to talk to.
  • What to say after you start the conversation to keep                         it going.
  • The 4 all-time best “conversation topics” to quickly                         engage a woman and getting her to open up to you.                          It will actually have her doing all the talking, while                         slowly becoming more and more attracted to you.
  • Plus, I’ll show you a simple trick that guarantees                         you’ll never run out of things to talk about with her
  • How to flirt without being to aggressive, cocky, or                         weird.  In fact, when you use this flirting                         technique, the conversation will seem more natural and                         effortless than typical, polite, boring conversations                         that go nowhere.
  • You’ll learn a simple conversation “trick” that                         makes girls curious about you, and compels them to want                         to get to know you better.
  • And much much  more!Wow! Can I Really Learn All That From One Program?

Absolutely! You see, The Natural Approach does what other programs fail to do.

It recognizes that you need to start out learning to meet women in places where itʼs drop dead easy and your success is virtually guaranteed. Think of this as the bunny slopes for learning how to meet and date gorgeous women… women who want to meet a guy like you.


So how much would you expect to pay for a system like this that gets rid of the #1 thing holding you back from meeting as many women as you want? Before you answer, hold on because Iʼve got something else to give you. Youʼre also going to receive the following two bonuses absolutely free.

Bonus #1 – The Top 10 Places Where Women Outnumber The Men 10-1

These are unique places where women have their guard down, and they are absolutely open and interested in meeting you. The women that go to these places want to meet a guy, but they often donʼt like going to bars and clubs to do it.


And whatʼs great is that these ten locations are hidden goldmines that most guys will never know about. When youʼre one of the only men in a group of women, you pretty much have your pick of the litter. This video reveals what those places are, and how you can start taking advantage of them today.

Bonus #2 – The Automated Approach Conditioning CD

Have you ever felt like your mind is working against you when it comes time to

approach a beautiful woman? Like it comes up with all kinds of excuses, fears, and reasons why you shouldnʼt go talk to her? Well this second bonus is designed to handle that once and for all. Itʼs an audio program I created that conditions your mind to work with you when it comes time to approach women.


Instead of creating resistance and hesitation, your mind will actually urge you to talk to women AND give you the exact words you need to say to start the conversation. Youʼll no longer be fighting against yourself. Instead, youʼll be an unstoppable approaching machine that meets women wherever he goes.


These two bonuses are yours absolutely free when you order. So youʼre going to get instant access to the entire Natural Approach program, the free bonus video that teaches you the secret places to go where the women actually outnumber the men 10-1, and the special audio program that gets your mind to work with you and make it easy to approach women. Now how much would you expect to pay for a system like THAT?

Hold On, Because Iʼve Got One More Free Bonus For You!

How would you like to have the kind of social life that feeds you a continuous supply of beautiful, single women who want to get to know you better? Youʼd never have to go out alone to meet women ever again, because youʼd constantly have new women around you as part of your everyday social life.

Thatʼs what I want to help you create, and thatʼs why Iʼm going to give you a free month in my social training lab program. This program arms with you all the social skills, dating strategies, and flirting techniques you need to have the kind of social life Iʼm talking about. Youʼll have an endless supply of cool friends, fun places to go, and most importantly… gorgeous, single women who want to date you.

Iʼll also teach you how to position yourself as the center of your new social circle. Once that happens, youʼll pretty much never have to approach women again, because they will all come to you. You will have the kind of social life that gives you as many women as youʼd like, and youʼll never have to struggle to get a date again.


I’m so sure that you’re going to love this brand new program that I’m         willing to give you free access for one month…  That         means you will receive the first 4 lessons and interviews, containing action-sized portions so         you’ll actually get results.


If you love with (which you will) stay         subscribed.  Every week         you’ll receive brand new lessons, and advanced interviews, and you’ll         automatically be charged only $19.97         a month.  You         can cancel anytime you want with no questions or hassles (simply click a         link) or stay on to complete the entire 24 week course.


If you get access to the Social Training Lab and you         don’t love it and get immediate success with material you learn, you can         cancel and keep all of the bonus material you download from the         membership area just for trying it.  In         other words, you get a ton of free valuable interviews, lessons, and         podcasts for free either way… even if you cancel right after you get it.


This Sounds Great, Bobby. How Much Does It Cost?

If you wanted to get this training from me personally, which up until now was the only way to get this information, youʼd have to pay $1,500 for weekend training program, and thatʼs not even including the cost of travel and accommodations which can easily bring it to well over $2,000.


But… not everyone has the time or money to fly out and do a live training, and thatʼs why I decided to come up with a more affordable option where you can learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.


So how much is it? Well, you wonʼt have to pay thousands of dollars to learn this

proven women-getting formula. In fact, you wonʼt pay $1,000. You wonʼt even pay

$500 which is half that amount. And I know this is crazy, but you wonʼt even pay $100. When you order today, youʼre going to get instant access to the complete Natural Approach training program, and all three bonuses for the ridiculously low price of only $47. This also gives you a free 14 day pass into my Social Training Lab program. If you like what you see, you can stay on board and get more advanced dating strategies, flirting tips, and social strategies for only $19.97 per month. Iʼm SO confident it will work for you that Iʼm going to take all the risk off your shoulders and let you see everything riskfree.

100% Guarantee

My guarantee is simple. Just watch the program one time and try out my method. If your fear of approaching women does not completely disappear, and if youʼre not meeting more women than you ever have in your life… you can get a complete, fast, nohassle refund.

You donʼt even need to have a reason. And that means you will have seen everything for FREE. That’s how confident I am that this really works. I know that once you see everything, and get a taste of how amazing it feels when you casually walk up to a beautiful women without any fear or hesitation, and you end up getting a date with her,you won’t part with this material for any price.

Remember, you get a full eight weeks to try out this material without risk. I can’t get any more fair than that. I want to treat you the way I wish other businesses treated me.

Let Me Ask You This…

How much would it mean to you to finally get rid of that crippling fear that is preventing you from meeting and dating attractive women? What do you think your chances of getting a quality girlfriend are if you never get rid of this fear and youʼre stuck with it for the rest of your life?


Look, if 6 months ago looks a lot like today, what are the chances that 6 months from now will look this way as well? Things are not going to change, and this fear is not going to go away on its own. In fact, the longer you let it hold you back, the stronger it becomes until you become so afraid of talking to women than you basically kill your chances of getting a cool girlfriend.


The good news is that you donʼt have to let this hold you back anymore. This program will eliminate this problem once and for all, and give you the power and freedom youʼve always wanted to have with beautiful women. Remember, all the risk is on my shoulders. If the The Natural Approach program doesnʼt deliver what I promised, you get all your money back, no questions asked.


So go ahead and take action right now. Click the orange button below that says “add to cart” and take the first step toward being the kind of man you know youʼre capable of being. The man who can confidently approach any woman, start a fun and light conversation, and get her interested in dating you. This program makes that happen for you, so go ahead and click the button below, and letʼs get started.


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