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The Postpartum Cure is a holistic postpartum healing and weight loss program designed to first heal the postpartum body through nutrition, then strengthen and repair the pelvic floor and core after pregnancy. The nutrition portion is specifically designed to properly nourish new mamas with vitamins and nutrients to heal the body and promote a healthy milk supply. The program focuses on building strength back into the core and pelvic floor, to heal and repair after birth and build a foundation for fitness and health. After working on healing through proper nutrition, there is a specific meal program with unique recipes that walks you through how to eat clean to encourage your body to let go of the extra fat, and use fat as fuel for breast milk.

The Postpartum Cure walks you through eating to produce a healthy milk supply and let go of extra fat, repair the core and pelvic floor after pregnancy and then ultimately find fitness again through specialized workouts combining Pilates and Cardio.

Included is 60 recipes for 20 days of clean eating focusing on healing smoothies, salads and fresh dinner recipes.



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The Postpartum Cure