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Learn to exchange with self assurance, control threat, identify high-capacity trades and growth consistency of returns with this sizable direction that specialize in easy strategies that divide the amateurs from the professionals.

The Secret Mindset Academy is an in depth application that specialize in complicated strategies that divide the amateurs from the professionals, coaching you actual techniques to growth consistency of returns and positioned the chances for your favor.


  • Speak the language of the marketplace and exchange like a professional, with key tiers and no lagging indicators
  • Learn three confirmed and to the factor buying and selling techniques to exchange any marketplace
  • Have the self assurance and know-how to exchange on a each day basis
  • Make knowledgeable projections to set finest fee objectives in your trades
  • Discover a way to reduce your threat with each exchange
    Acquire the abilties you want to exchange any device in any marketplace


  • You are in the beginning stages of TRADING (or maybe you’re still just in the idea phase) and you’re interested in learning how to trade and become consistently profitable
  • You’re looking to save a lot of time and money, by avoiding the frustrating trial-and-error process of trading without a solid plan
  • You KNOW that it’s possible to make money trading the financial markets, but you just need someone to teach you the exact tools and techniques so you don’t get overwhelmed and so you can finally START
  • You’ve been switching trading strategies back and forth and you have no idea which one is best for you
  • You really want to stop taking big losses from trading, and want to trade the right way, with the odds in your favor
  • You are serious about trading, have realistic expectations and aim for a consistent growth of your capital


Learn to recognize leading signals in order to generate consistent profits over the longer term.


Focus on key levels in a market and remove the clutter and confusion that so many trading strategies are full of.

What’s included?


Module 1 – Foundation

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Market Structure
  • Market Structure Examples
  • Introduction to Swing Trading
  • Higher Frame Selection
  • The Right Instruments To Trade

Module 2 – Finding Key Levels

  • Market Swings
  • Market Swings Examples
  • Previous WM HL
  • Previous WM HL Examples
  • WM Pivot Points
  • WM Pivot Points Examples
  • Market Profile
  • Market Profile Examples

Module 3 – Entry Techniques

  • Pulback Entry 1
  • Pullback Entry 2
  • Advanced Pullbacks
  • Breakout Trade

Module 4 – Confluence Scanning

  • Confluence Setups
  • Confluence Setups Examples
  • Confluence Setups Examples

Module 5 – CMR Trading Strategy

  • CMR Trading Strategy
  • CMR Strategy Examples
  • CMR Strategy Examples

Module 6 – LRMP Trading Strategy

  • LRMP Trading Strategy
  • LRMP Strategy Examples
  • LRMP Strategy Examples

Module 7 – Risk Management

  • Risk Management – Compounding Profits
  • Risk Management Sheet

Module 8 – Trading Mindset

  • Trading Checklist

Module 9 – TradingView Indicators

  • TradingView Indicators





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The Secret Mindset – The Secret Mindset Academy