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The Self Defence Training System – Damian Ross

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Mixed Martial Arts for the Street:

Only the Most Lethal Techniques and Tactics

were chosen for The Self Defense Training System

The allied forces looked at every legitimate form of martial art and combat sport. They styles that were examined and tested extensively were: Japanese Jujutsu, Judo, Karate, Siamese boxing (Muay Thai), Western boxing, Wrestling/grappling, French “foot-fighting”(including Assaut Vite savate), Indian Varma-adi/Varmannie, Chinese boxing, Roman boxing, Greek pancrase, Burmese boxing (Bando), Western fencing, Filipino edged weapons and stick fighting, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, an “Instinctive Kill” System (a method designed to take full advantage of man’s natural “animal” killing instinct) and even underworld and prison killing tactics were dissected and tested in REAL WORLD conditions. The techniques were picked based on two criteria: they had to work and they had to be easy to learn in a short amount of time. The qualifying methods were tested until only the most lethal and effective remained.

The Self Defense Training System: Combat Tested

These extremely lethal methods were trained and taught at facilities and programs like: the Navy V-5 programs, the training at Fort Benning and Fort Meade, the Hawaii Jungle Warfare Complex, the CIC training center in Chicago, the Army training camps in Colorado, Parris Island, the Ranger/Commando schools in the Hawaiian Islands, the training bases in England prior to D-Day, the “Killing” school in Palestine, the OSS personnel training at Area B, and of course at the famed Camp X the top secret (now declassified) “spy training school” in Canada. The surviving methods are the brutal foundation of The Self Defense Training System.

The Self Defense Training System: Too Brutal For Police and Military!!

(Enter the lawyers)

Develop Awesome Power with the 3-Count Chop Drill in Module 1

 The 1970’s saw a dramatic change in law enforcement and military use of force policy. On the home front, liberal politics and charges of police brutality had police departments facing another enemy, lawsuits. Department training and policies came under fire and the once effective, life saving tactics became the target of police brutality claims. Driven by elected politicians, these tactics were replaced with new “gentler methods” under the guise of community policing. These new methods were based on martial arts myth and folklore fueled by Hollywood’s exaggerated portrayal of the effectiveness of martial arts and combat shooting. Unfortunately, these new tactics fail horribly in the field. [It seems cheaper to pay a cop’s medical bills and death benefits than it was to pay the multimillion dollar legal bills and lawsuits]. This bureaucratic mindset still plagues law enforcement even to this day. But the good cops know they have to go outside the box to The Self Defense Training System if they want to get home safe at the end of their shift!

Self Defense Training System Cardinal Rule #2: You will be attacked when you’re injured, sick or older. Too hurt to work out? Too bad, your limp is like ringing the dinner bell to scumbags. The SDTS rule is: if you can leave your house you better be ready to fight. Systems that you can’t perform while injured or require you to be in top shape are sports not self defense. When you know the Self Defense Training System, being injured won’t matter since you will use only core, gross motor skills that you can do no matter what shape you’re in. If you can leave your house, you can still kick ass with the SDTS!

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