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HOW2TXTHER consists of 12 explosive videos and audio files, along with a 165-page ebook, that will give you the power to make women addicted to you, so they want to see you, be with you, and commit to you.

Here’s just a taste of what’s revealed:

  • The “Perfect First Text” Formula. When she reads this, she’ll feel her first pleasurable hit of dopamine… and you’ll instantly become “the most important guy” on her phone.
  • If she stopped responding, use my The “Smile, Shock, Tension” technique. Follow the formula, and watch as that once-silent girl now responds instantly to your every message.
  • What if you’ve got a girl who likes to “chat” but won’t go out with you? I’ll show you how to amp up her “investment”… all the way from “haha, lol” messages… to feelings of interest and intrigue… to complete enchantment with you. When your messages make her feel this good, she’ll be begging to see you, be with you, and commit to you.
  • What NEVER to say to a girl who’s put you in the friend zone. If you’ve been friend-zoned, then DO NOT send a single text until you learn this.
  • The “High Demand Man” secret… I LOVED this trick… it makes every woman think you’re the coolest guy she knows… even if you have ZERO friends or social life… She’ll LOVE the tingle she gets from knowing she’s got the coolest guy out of all of her girlfriends.
  • Next time you’ve been talking to a girl for 5 minutes, use Christian’s super-low-risk “Girl Gets Number” technique. This will become your “go-to” method for taking a number, because it works every single time. If you’re in that “playboy” phase, you need this technique in your back pocket.
  • The “Secret Art of The Emoji”? There’s a VERY specific way to use emoji’s to ramp up a woman’s excitement for you. And you can literally copy/paste my emoji messages to ramp up her excitement for you.
  • What if the girl you want is “flaky”? Hey, sometimes girls get out of line — especially hot, young girls! All you need to do is send one of my four “Flags on the Play.” If she’s worth your time, just watch as she starts doing anything you please to get back in your good books. (Don’t be surprised when she invites you for dinners, massages & late night booty calls).
  • Exactly how to get her to meet up with you. I’ll will share his text-by-text system for an easy, rejection-proof way to ask her out. You’ll also learn my “Day 0” strategy… just send these two messages, about two hours before the date, to make sure that there’s ZERO chance of her flaking out.
  • You’ll get SPECIFIC examples of texts. So not only will you get my step-by-step texting system, but you’ll get COUNTLESS “Magic Messages” that you can copy and paste. This makes it DEAD SIMPLE to get started texting the girl you want, and KNOW that you can get her in your bed.
  • Is it possible to turn a girl on over text? Yes, and you’ll learn the dead-simple technique that gets her hot and horny. It starts with a few “innocent words,” but if she’s that “type” of girl, it won’t be long until she unleashes a torrent of Rated-X messages.
  • What if you could get her to send you naked photos? Well, wait until you see how easy it is! If the thought of photos of your girl’s naked body excites you, then just follow the few simple steps in Module 9… and make sure to set a password on your phone to keep those pics private!!
  • And MUCH, much more



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The Social Man – HOW2TXTHER