The Tapping Solution for Anxiety Relief by Mary Ayers




 The Tapping Solution for Anxiety Relief by Mary Ayers

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Author Mary Ayers
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About author
Dr Mary Ayers stands strong in her conviction that “You cannot bully fear” which is why tapping is such a powerful tool because it gives us a way to transform fear and anxiety into energy that can propel us forward into a bigger life.

She began her quest to help people find gentler ways to work with anxiety over 27 years ago as an accomplished Licensed Therapist, then as a Success Coach, and top EFT/Tapping expert. Her professional achievements include a five year run as a coach with the Anthony Robbins Organization. She is the host of the radio show “Tap Into Action: An Unconventional Path To Conquer Fear And Anxiety”, and is a featured presenter on The Tapping Insiders Club and The Tapping World Summit, as well as on several globally heard teleconferences.

Product Info
Are you struggling with feelings of anxiety, being overwhelmed, fatigue, and intense responsibility?

Tapping Works to Rewire the Brain and Body to Eliminate Anxiety and Bring Back Balance

Module 1
Introduction and Overview of Anxiety Relief Program
In this module you will learn:

What makes anxiety different from normal stress and why we react to some situations differently than others
Why what you’ve tried before hasn’t been effective and one change that will make a big difference
The three different ways anxiety may be showing up in your life
How your emotions can become more manageable with Tapping
A Tapping routine to help with constricted breathing so you can breath easier

Module 2
Getting Ready To Change: The Three Keys to Set Yourself Up for Success
In this module you will learn:

How to set yourself up for success in this program
A step-by-step recipe to gauge your progress
A plan to take your practice deeper when you’re ready
How to customize the Tapping to fit what you need
A Tapping routine to address fears and resistance to change
A Tapping routine to strengthen your confidence that change is possible

Module 3
Anxious Body: All These Feelings in Your Body
In this module you will learn:

Common ways anxiety shows up in the body
The effects of Tapping on the body
Finding the words to name the feelings
Strategies to increase your success
A Tapping routine to help relieve the anxiety in your body
A Tapping routine to help you feel comfortable feeling calm

Module 4
Anxious Mind: How your Thoughts Influence your Feelings
In this module you will learn:

How your thoughts influence your feelings
Why “changing your thinking” isn’t enough
What changes when you do the Tapping
How the quality of your questions matter
A Tapping routine to help shift you into more resourceful states
A Tapping routine to build your confidence so you can handle whatever comes up

Module 5
Anxious Acts: Looking at your Behaviors
In this module you will learn:

How we are all wired to want to avoid pain
The purpose of anxious acts and the ways they show up
How to work with Social situations
How to notice small changes
A Tapping routine to feel calm getting out there
A Tapping routine to break habitual patterns of behavior

Module 6
Moving Forward With New Awareness and Confidence
In this module you will learn:

The importance of having a plan for continued success
What to do when you get emotionally hijacked
Developing your own personal plan to get back on track
Other tools to add to your anxiety relief toolbox
A Tapping routine that will help you stick with it
A Tapping routine to get you past the obstacles to your success


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The Tapping Solution for Anxiety Relief by Mary Ayers