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The Underachiever Formula

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Russell Brunson bought the rights to the Underachiever brand from Frank Kern and Ed Dale. In this course he’ll show you how to build an info marketing empire. Brunson covers everything from choosing a hot niche, to getting traffic, to outsourcing product creation. The Underachiever Formula course contains 14 MP3s, with documents, mindmaps and transcripts to go along with them.

Week #1 – Underachiever Manifesto

Week #2 – Finding and Filtering Hot Markets

Week #3 – Find Out What They Want – Your Flycatcher Page

Week #4 – Give It To Them – Underachiever Product Development

Week #5 – Your Underachiever Website

Week #6 – 5 Underachiever Business Models

Week #7 – Creating Your Sales Letter or Video

Week #8 – Putting It All Together

Week #9 – Shooting Fish in a Barrel

Week #10 – Becoming A Parasites

Week #11 – Dominating the Search Conversation

Week #12 – Underachiever Alliances

Week #13 – Underachiever Arbitrage



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The Underachiever Formula

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