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The Yes Decks by Igor Ledochowski

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“How To Get Anyone To Say YES!” Only 72 Pre-Order Special Extra Discount YES Decks Available For A Maximum Of 72 Hours… Did you know there is a special “room” inside the mind where people are almost always compelled to say YES? Just walking them by the door to this “room” draws people in… With the tools, tactics and techniques Igor shares with you in the YES! Decks you can get them to sit in a comfy armchair right in the middle of this “room” as they happily look around with a big smile on their face eager to find MORE things to agree to…for you! Here’s A Quick Sample Of What You’ll Discover… How to get a yes out of almost anyone, anytime Overcome negative mindsets where people say NO to you in a knee jerk reflex sort of way Overcome ANY objection – if you know people are likely to object to something you’re offering them (an idea, product or service) then simply use the framing principle together with the salami tactic and they won’t give a fig about their objection by the time you come to the close – listen as Igor gives you actual examples of this in action. Make your ideas, services or products so appealing that people simply cannot say no! Hidden Bonus: there is a side effect to doing this work – one you simply cannot get around. You will end up being more positive and finding more positive opportunities in your life. Sorry, you’ll just have to live with that! Develop a yes mindset so that no matter how bleak the situation may look, you have the best chance of anyone to find something that will rescue the moment. Do you have a BIG favour to ask? No problem – Igor will show you how to build up to it step by step using the loaded frames hidden inside the innocent sounding YES! Decks. How to get people to do more than say YES! to you – using the loaded frames in the YES! Decks they will be so PASSIONATE about your proposal that they will tell the world about you and convince them to come and listen to you! How to use the salami tactic in order to get people to agree even to massive commitments. Have people enthusiastically buy into your product, services or ideas – and be so keen they actually want to persuade OTHERS about how good your idea was! The secret to the psychology of rejection and how to turn it on its head so it never again happens to you! 

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The Yes Decks by Igor Ledochowski