Thomas Kurz – Secrets of Stretching


Thomas Kurz – Secrets of Stretching

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With this DVD high kicks and splits with NO WARM-UP will be yours!

Just spend 4-15 minutes a day on easy dynamic (not ballistic!) stretches for high kicks, and only twice a week 11-23 minutes on our special strength exercises and isometric stretches that will give you your splits. Thomas Kurz improved stretches which scientific studies by Holt, Travis and Okita, and later by Tanigawa, have been shown to cause 267% greater increase in flexibility than any other kind of stretches. This is a do along video. Every exercise is shown and clearly described.


Thomas Kurz is the author of Flexibility Express, Stretching Scientifically, Secrets of Stretching, and Science of Sports Training and co-author of Basic Instincts of Self-Defense. He also translated from Polish to English book by Tadeusz Starzynski and Henryk Sozanski, Ph.D., titled Explosive Power and Jumping Ability for All Sports: Atlas of Exercises. Currently he translates from Russian to English books by V. I. Usakov, Ph.D., on teaching children to swim and to skate.
Before coming to the U.S.A., Thomas Kurz studied physical education at AWF (University School of Physical Education) in Warsaw, one of the top East European institutions that prepare coaches, instructors, teachers of physical education, and rehabilitation specialists.


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Thomas Kurz – Secrets of Stretching