Three Dimensional Therapy Study Course by Leilani A. Alexander – Gwen S. Legler



Three Dimensional Therapy Study Course by Leilani A. Alexander – Gwen S. Legler

This course for teaching Three Dimensional Therapy (T3) was developed by Gwen S. Legler, MSW and Leilani A. Alexander, MMS. We drew, not only from our education, skills and life’s experiences to develop this method, but because we recognize God as the source of all truth and knowledge, we felt divinely inspired each and every step along the way. Because of the power of this method we encourage practitioners, as they use this method, to rely on their faith for guidance, and to do so prayerfully and carefully.

T3 is an innovative method which has been proven successful on a consistent basis. In our practice, this powerful therapeutic tool is accomplishing in days or weeks what formerly took months and years to accomplish using more traditional methods. Clients are reporting amazing changes for the better in their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

As we became successful in what we were doing, we recognized the obligation and responsibility to put this method into a very teachable format that could be used to train others. This course is written to be understood and used by those with a background in energy work and for degreed professionals to use in their private practices. We hope you will find this course to be exciting and adventurous, but more importantly, to expand your life expectations and accomplishments!

This amazing course consists of:

  • Over 370 pages of colorfully illustrated downloadable manual
  • Access to videos on flash-drive where the authors teach and demonstrate in a classroom type setting just for you!
  • The ability to view this course using the provided flash-drive, shipped to you for digital devices.
  • And the best is you will receive new chapters that you can add to your book, as they become available! No More Waiting and buying expensive new editions!

This course will teach you:

  • Secrets to working successfully with clients
  • Find and develop your special gifts of insight.
  • “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  How to create and use images.
  • Take the mystery out of and learn how to use your chakras to your best advantage.
  • Understanding the Core Belief System and how to use it to empower yourself and your clients.
  • You will discover what a Core Desire is and how powerful it is in our lives
  • Learn to understand your Love Languages. How are you loved and is your love distorted?
  • Understanding how Cording really works and how it affects us and others.
  • How the Energy of our Past affects us today.  How and when to change it.
  • Inner Child, Whose really in charge? Learn the where and whys of Inner child syndrome.  Where did the child come from, Why is it here, What is its Job and How do I heal?  Learn how to work with the Inner Child right and most effectively.
  • Vanishing Twin – Are you one? T3 is currently the most effective method in discovering a Vanishing Twin helping you and your clients understand how this affects them.
  • Handwriting – what valuable personality clues does a client’s handwriting revel?
  • Hands – What do they really say about us or our clients.
  • The Brain – how it controls our life. Can you change it?
  • How are your emotions affecting you? The true and surprising insight to our emotions.
  • PTSD – How any size trauma can affect you.



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Three Dimensional Therapy Study Course by Leilani A. Alexander – Gwen S. Legler