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TikTok Ad Mastery Course 2022 – Chase Chappell

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What Exactly Is TikTok Ads Mastery?
We’ve been utilizing TikTok to help brands and influencers scale for the past two years.

Discover how businesses and influencers are dominating TikTok in 2022. You can build a big following around yourself and your business by using a hidden TikTok approach. The TikTok Advertisements Mastery 5-Phase curriculum will teach you not only how to grow from running outrageously successful ads, but also how to “hack” the TikTok algorithm to draw millions of views to your page for free (organically).

Phase 1 of the TikTok Ads Mastery Curriculum Blueprint for Organic Posting (Micro-Influencer)
Drive unrivaled traffic to your website. Get your first 10,000, 100,000, and one million views. Implement data-driven CTAs and use traffic as a free source of promotion.

TikTok Backend Setup Phase 2
Lead Generation, Catalog Sales, and Spark Ads TikTok gives you the authority to promote your commercials and page to a broader audience. To make data-driven judgments, implement tracking measures.

Building TikTok Ad Creatives in Phase 3
We’ve created a proven technique for ad creative creation after spending over $12 million on tikTok ads. Learn how to use your phone to develop and make raw WINNING creatives.

Phase 4 Ad Targeting Strategy for TikTok
Install CRO, which is used by world-class businesses across a wide range of sectors. 15+ Upsell Templates, conversion rate recommendations, and top-notch systems. Tailored specifically to your business.

TikTok Ad Account Scaling Phase 5
Make certain that you are on track to exponentially increase your business. Implement scaling tactics as soon as possible with your winning plan to achieve unimaginable traffic and conversions.


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TikTok Ad Mastery Course 2022 – Chase Chappell